More and more companies are introducing drug and alcohol testing. AlphaBiolabs can help with setting up your policy and then delivering training on all aspects of the management awareness, employee awareness and the theory and practicalities of urine, oral fluid and breath collection.

Our Workplace Trainer is on the road every week imparting the knowledge and skills required for the successful implementation of a workplace drug and alcohol testing policy. Here is a typical week.

• An early Monday morning commute over to Wrexham, North Wales, to deliver training to a small construction firm, based in a rural location. We were made to feel very welcome by the two HR staff attending the training. We discussed their policy, talked through tolerance levels of alcohol and consequences of staff providing non-negative results. The training then focused on breath and oral fluid sample collection and thorough Chain of Custody procedures, as well as sending non-negative samples back to our laboratory for confirmation testing by our experienced toxicologists. We are looking forward to hearing how they are getting on and offering further support if required.

• Tuesday and Wednesday were spent in the Midlands at a transportation workshop, to deliver breath and urine testing training to their Managers. We were able to go through all the practical aspects of the random selection of donors, collection of samples and how to send these back to the laboratory for confirmation. It was interesting for them to share their experiences and the need for their drug and alcohol testing policy to be implemented.

• We were in Crawley on Thursday and Friday visiting a large company, again delivering training, focusing on their existing policy, the theory of drugs and alcohol on the individual in the workplace and the practical aspects of sample collection. There was a great discussion over various drug groups, a lot of ‘what if’ scenarios and much positivity about the importance of the implementation of drug and alcohol testing in their workplace.

AlphaBiolabs offers support, guidance and professional training to assist companies throughout their Workplace Training sessions. Please get in touch if you would like further information on any of our workplace testing services, call us on 0333 600 1300 or email at