What does a SCRAM bracelet do?

What does a SCRAM bracelet do?

What does a SCRAM bracelet do?

A SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitoring® (SCRAM CAM®) bracelet is the next generation in alcohol testing, requiring minimum input from the wearer and producing regular analysis of a person’s alcohol intake. A SCRAM CAM® bracelet does everything a traditional alcohol test does, and more.

The SCRAM CAM® is worn on the ankle, usually affixed by a trained professional, and monitors for the presence of alcohol in a person’s perspiration through infrared detectors. With no assistance necessary from the wearer, the device takes a reading every 30 minutes and sends it to a wireless base station situated in the wearer’s home. Any episodes of alcohol consumption are then recorded and AlphaBiolabs uses the data to produce a report for the instructing party.

Unlike the traditional hair and blood alcohol testing methods, the SCRAM CAM® is non-invasive. It can be worn discreetly under trousers and is robust enough to withstand water coverage from a shower for example. The device is so accurate in its readings that it can differentiate between very low alcohol consumption and environmental exposure, such as when a person sprays alcohol-containing hairsprays or perfumes.

How does the SCRAM bracelet work?

The device measures the amount of ethanol (pure alcohol) in perspiration (sweat). When alcohol is consumed around 95% is metabolised by the liver, and the remaining alcohol is excreted from the body via urine, breath and sweat.

The sensors on the SCRAM CAM® are so sensitive that they can detect even the smallest amount of alcohol – 1-2 units for example – which is the equivalent to a single shot of spirits, half a pint of average strength lager, or just over half a glass of wine.

The transdermal form of testing is proven to make people less likely to drink alcohol when the bracelet is worn. On any given day, 99.4% of all participants are completely sober and compliant whilst being monitored by SCRAM CAM®, helping to enforce sobriety programmes and making it easier to abstain from alcohol.

Other forms of alcohol testing

As well as offering SCRAM alcohol monitoring via the SCRAM bracelet. AlphaBiolabs also carries out hair, blood and nail alcohol testing, via our dedicated laboratory.

We can provide 3 or 6 month and up to 12-monthly overviews using body hair analysis. Our range of 4 blood alcohol tests can determine whether an individual may have drunk to excess over the course of the last 4 weeks and can even be carried during pregnancy and up to two months after birth (PEth testing only).

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SCRAM CAM® is the most trusted and widely used 24/7 transdermal alcohol testing system worldwide