Can a man refuse to take a paternity test? He can indeed, but scientists at AlphaBiolabs can still get the answer you need without his participation. You can’t perform a paternity test without a father being involved. However, alternative DNA tests can be undertaken to establish a direct biological relationship via other family members.

Grandparent DNA tests can be used to prove a link between an individual and one or both of their father’s parents. AlphaBiolabs regularly performs a grandparent test when a child’s alleged father refuses a paternity test but the child’s grandparents want to know whether the child is truly related to them. A DNA profile is produced from the child and the grandparent’s samples. Because a child inherits half of his or her genetic profile from each biological parent, the grandparent’s DNA will show whether their offspring contributed DNA to the child’s genetic profile.

In the same way, the avuncular tests DNA aunt or DNA uncle testing can be performed on the father’s sister or brother to establish a biological relationship to a child. DNA sibling testing could be another option, because this test can establish whether or not brothers and sisters have the same father.

Y chromosome testing is used to prove whether alleged male relatives share a common paternal line. All male children inherit their Y chromosome from their father. A full match between profiles confirms a shared paternal line. If the males have different Y chromosome profiles then they are not related.

What to do if a man refuses to take a paternity test

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