An antibody test will analyse your blood sample to check if you’ve either:

  • had coronavirus (Covid-19) before, or
  • developed antibodies to the virus after having had a Covid-19 vaccine

Why do we need to know about antibodies?

Antibodies are small proteins that are created by the immune system in the process of fighting off a disease. The ability to detect antibodies for Covid-19 can potentially reveal whether an individual has had the virus, even if they were never diagnosed or were asymptomatic.

AlphaBiolabs offers two types of antibody test that can detect antibodies following a recent Covid-19 infection, or from vaccination (BioNTech/Pfizer, Moderna®, AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson and Sinovac Life Sciences). Both tests can be ordered direct from AlphaBiolabs’ website and can be taken in the comfort of your own home or place of work.

Two types of antibody test

The Covid-19 S1-NAb antibody test is a rapid onsite test that can tell if an individual has antibodies within 10 minutes. This means it can quickly reassure individuals prior to returning to work, attending an event, or visiting colleagues. This simple test only requires a finger-prick blood sample to detect the presence of neutralising antibodies. The portable device is similar to the lateral flow Covid antigen tests that we are all so familiar with, and the result is read as a positive line on the front of the device.

For added peace of mind, an advanced Covid‑19 antibody test uses laboratory analysis to not only detect the presence of Covid-19-specific antibodies in a blood sample, but to quantitively determine the amount present. The difference with this test is that it is returned to AlphaBiolabs’ UKAS-accredited laboratory for analysis and the results are received within 3 working days. The report details whether the level of Covid-19 antibodies within the sample is low, medium, high or not detected. As such, this innovative test can potentially highlight those people who have a poor immune response and therefore need to take extra care.

Why antibody testing is here to stay

Antibody testing is contributing to wide-ranging areas of Covid-19 diagnosis, treatment and research. Researchers are using this information to learn more about timing, which may help track the progress of the disease. For instance, how soon after infection do patients with Covid-19 develop antibodies? How long do Covid-19 antibodies last in the body? The answers will be helpful in the development and scheduling of further vaccines and, ultimately, will be another important tool for finally beating the pandemic.

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