Where can I buy a rapid COVID-19 antigen test?

Where can I buy a rapid COVID-19 antigen test?

The NHS currently offers COVID-19 tests to individuals experiencing coronavirus symptoms. But if you don’t fit the bill for this, let’s say you’re an employer with a team of staff to test, you can buy a rapid COVID-19 Antigen test that will give you results in just 15 minutes.

In fact, whether you have a few staff members or a large team, rapid COVID-19 Antigen testing is the quickest and most cost-effective way of testing your employees for a current COVID-19 infection.

Where can I buy a rapid COVID-19 antigen test?

Instead of relying on availability at testing centres, you can take matters into your own hands with an in-house Antigen testing programme that will give you instant results, allowing you to manage your workforce accordingly and limit any potential spread of coronavirus across your business.

Whilst the Antigen test is one of two tests that will identify a current coronavirus infection, this Antigen test works quicker to give you an on-site result, making it ideal for employers wanting to screen their employees returning to the workplace after a period of furlough or as a day-to-day COVID measure. 

How does the rapid COVID-19 antigen test work?

AlphaBiolabs’ self-contained sample collection kit includes everything you’ll need to carry out onsite Antigen testing. There are four easy steps to follow:

Firstly, an employee must take their own nose and throat swab samples (or with help from an occupational health practitioner) using the sterile swab included in the sample collection kit. Then the swab must be placed into a small vial along with a buffer liquid. The swab is then removed from the vial and using a special dispenser cap fitted to the vial, the liquid is dropped onto the testing device where a result will appear.  

On the testing device, a total of two detection lines are possible. In every case the control line (C) should appear to show that the test is working when the liquid flows through the testing device. If the test if negative, only the control line will show. If the test is positive, both the control line and the detection line (T) will appear. This means specific antigens have been detected and the donor is positive for COVID-19. They must then follow government guidelines on self-isolation.

COVID-19 testing options for workplaces

As well as Antigen testing, AlphaBiolabs provides rt PCR COVID-19 testing – considered the gold standard in laboratory coronavirus testing – and rapid Antibody testing to workplaces.

Like an instant Antigen test, the PCR test can detect a current coronavirus infection, but it involves a laboratory testing process before results can be returned within 48 hours. AlphaBiolabs has recently invested in a specialist COVID-19 testing facility to carry out PCR testing.

Our Antibody test will detect an historic or recent (within the last 6 weeks) infection.

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