If you’re looking for DNA testing for immigration near you, AlphaBiolabs can help. One of our trained sample collectors can collect your samples from an address of your choice, or we can take your samples for free at any of our walk-in centres across the UK.

How fast is DNA testing for immigration?

Our DNA testing service is the fastest in the UK.

We provide next working day results as standard, and we can even provide your results on the same working day if you need them sooner.

How does DNA testing for immigration work?

When applying for British citizenship, an immigration DNA test to prove a family relationship must follow strict conditions. This enables it to be used in a UK court or immigration hearing.

For this type of test, we only need a cheek cell DNA sample – no blood sample is required.

Our experienced DNA sample collectors maintain a chain of custody throughout the process, which allows us to provide court-approved results. This involves checking ID, taking photographs and getting signed paperwork from the people being tested. Samples are also sealed with tape to prevent tampering.

Thanks to our strict processes, our immigration testing is suitable for immigration cases, applications and appeals. Our results are accepted by UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI), UK Border Agency (UKBA), UK Passport Office, the Home Office and UK courts.

Nationwide and worldwide sample collection

Not only can we collect your samples in the UK, we can also arrange collections from immigration centres or consulates. We even work with Embassies across the world, and we have many special offers available for immigration cases.

How can I pay for DNA testing for immigration near me?

If you need to spread the cost of your DNA immigration test, we offer a 6-month interest-free payment option. You can also combine this with our free sample collection service at one of our walk-in centres. Contact us to apply.

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Need to find DNA testing for immigration nearby? If you need an immigration DNA test for yourself, a relative or a client, please contact us on 0333 600 1300 or email Our Customer Services team can give you help and guidance, and answer any questions you have.

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