If you’re wondering where you can get a lateral flow test for COVID-19, AlphaBiolabs supplies the UK’s workplaces with a lateral flow test that can determine an employee’s coronavirus status onsite, in under 20 minutes.

Our rapid turnaround lateral flow test uses the same scientific lateral flow process as a pregnancy test to give a fast result, so that employers can respond to positive cases swiftly, ensuring minimal impact on their business.

Our lateral flow tests are very easy to use, however, for your reassurance and peace of mind our testing kits contain comprehensive instructions to guide you through the sample collection and testing process. Our carefully, individually packed kits include all the equipment necessary to collect your own sample and test it.

Lateral flow testing for COVID-19 requires a nose and throat swab sample. Once collected, using the sterile swab, the sample is combined with a buffer solution to create a liquid which can be dropped into the sample well of the testing device and soaked into the absorbent paper strip.

As the absorbent strip soaks up the liquid, it is this ‘lateral flow’ process that triggers a reaction depending on whether there are COVID-19 antigens present in the sample. The reaction causes the paper strip to change colour against the relevant markers on the device.

So, where a sample is positive for COVID-19, a coloured line will become clearly visible against the positive marker on the device. Likewise, on every testing device as standard, a control line will appear to show that the device is functioning.

Lateral flow testing is ideal for workplaces

For employers, lateral flow testing is a game changer in the fight against COVID-19. Its ability to rapidly detect coronavirus in an employee means that that person can immediately begin a period of self-isolation, minimising the risk of infecting others.

Speed is key when it comes to isolating COVID-positive staff members, to ensure your wider team can continue to carry out their duties healthy and protected, and not at risk from those who have contracted the virus.

The lateral flow test works for both asymptomatic and symptomatic individuals, so any employees not showing any, or the typical symptoms of COVID-19, will be detected using the test.

Order a lateral flow test

AlphaBiolabs supports UK workplaces with a range of COVID-19 testing options. Our lateral flow test and our PCR laboratory test can be ordered from our website, or with our knowledgeable Customer Services team who are available on the phone, on: 0333 600 1300 or via email, at:

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