Workplace drug and alcohol testing is an effective deterrent to substance misuse in the workplace. At this time of year – with festivities approaching and it being the season to be merry – employers are aware that staff members are coming in to work a little worse for wear. They may have suspicions that there has been a little too much partying the night before, which can have major health and safety repercussions.

Drug and alcohol testing is a proven way to ensure that employees are working in a safe environment. It can identify drug and/or alcohol abusers before an accident occurs and sanction the necessary treatment. As well as reducing incidents, it can prevent ill health, absenteeism and litigation, all of which have an impact on business productivity.

Spotting the signs

Responsible employers must take safety measures if they are suspicious that individuals may be unfit to work due to drugs or alcohol misuse in accordance with various health and safety laws.

Would you know the possible signs that someone may be misusing drugs or alcohol?

  • Over-activeness or wide staring eyes
  • Over-anxious
  • Aggressive or abnormally pushy
  • Lack of motivation
  • Poor time keeping or a sudden and unusual unkempt appearance

If you spot any such signs or irregularities in behaviour, then the individual needs to be tested before the drugs or alcohol has left their system.

Help is at hand

AlphaBiolabs has a network of sample collectors on call around the clock, every day of the year, which is ideal for short-notice random drug testing. The sample collectors follow strict procedures to ensure the chain of custody is retained and that confidentiality remains throughout the whole testing process. This is important because it means that the drug testing results are legally defensible. This is needed if the person being tested is likely to take legal action to contest the results of the drug test for any reason.

Another option is that AlphaBiolabs can train a representative of your own staff to perform workplace drug testing and sample collection to the highest standards. This means that you will always have someone on-site for short-notice drug testing. Training includes how to retain the chain of custody.

Testing policy is essential

A drug and alcohol testing policy is the foundation of a company’s drug and alcohol testing programme. It outlines how substance abuse issues will be handled, what constitutes non-compliance of policy and provides a procedure so that employees with a problem can seek assistance. The policy will make it clear to employees that random testing can be undertaken with short or no notice. Exactly who is to be tested will be unknown by the workforce. This greatly reduces the chances of employees using tactics to avoid testing, or change their habits in time to escape a positive result during the testing detection time if they are abusing drugs and/or alcohol.

Employees in safety-critical roles, such as those operating heavy machinery, are most likely to benefit from bespoke random testing programmes. AlphaBiolabs can create, tailor and manage a company’s drug and alcohol policy that will define the company’s stance in relation to drugs and alcohol in a clear and concise way. Not only does it give employees clear guidance on what they can and can’t do, it details what support is available to them, as well as which disciplinary procedures apply. It also provides Managers with clear guidance on which procedures they should follow. For a consultation with no obligation, or information on any of AlphaBiolabs’ workplace testing services, call us on 0333 600 1300, email at, or visit our website at