A woman being held at an airport with a one-year-old baby girl has taken a maternity test.

Galit Nakash was attempting to enter her home country of Israel with a child when she was detained at Ben Gurion Airport on Saturday, August 6. The 49-year-old said the infant was her daughter, who she had given birth to while spending time in Sri Lanka.

However the authorities were suspicious and thought the child may not be biologically related to her, according to The Times of Israel. The BBC claims Ms Nakash was in Sri Lanka on a business trip when she gave birth to the baby and when she later applied for a visa for her daughter it was turned down.

This led to her using another child’s passport to travel with the baby to Israel, which was spotted by immigration officials who detained the pair at the airport.

There are concerns that Ms Nakash may have kidnapped the baby or taken part in an unofficial adoption. However, she insists she is the child’s biological mother and asked Tel Aviv Court to allow her to take a DNA test to prove it.

The court agreed and now Ms Nakash will take a maternity test, which will reveal whether she is the child’s real mother. If the results are negative, the child will be returned to Sri Lanka.

Results will prove whether she is child’s biological mother

The authorities in Israel had originally wanted Ms Nakash to return to Sri Lanka and take a DNA test there. But her lawyer, Matan Hodorov, told the court in Tel Aviv that his client did not trust the DNA testing process in Sri Lanka.

He said he was confident the test would prove she was the child’s mother.

He told the BBC: “We have all the correct medical documents from the hospital in Sri Lanka where she was born.”

The Israeli foreign ministry has admitted refusing to give Ms Nakash a visa for her alleged daughter, saying they had some doubts about the relationship.

Emmanuel Nahshon, spokesman for the Israeli foreign ministry, said: “We have a legal duty to check it out. If the DNA tests show she’s the mother then that’s wonderful and the problem is over.

“If not, the child will immediately be sent back to where she came from, as required under the Hague Convention (on child abduction). Nobody is trying to take the child away or create a tragedy, but the circumstances are extremely suspicious.”

Maternity tests are not carried out as often as paternity tests but there are some circumstances where they are necessary like when adopted children are attempting to trace their birth mother. They may also be used in cases like the one involving Ms Nakash to prove a child has the right to enter a country.

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