Workplace Drug Testing for Steroid Abusing Miners

Employers of mining firms are becoming increasingly concerned about steroid misuse and roid rage within the workplace as the ‘fly-in, fly-out’ nature of the job means “there’s nothing else to do but pump iron” during downtime on the sites.

Tony Graham, who leads an Australian workplace seminar called ‘Beat the Cheats’ suggests that while there are considerable concerns over illegal drugs such as synthetic cannabis to caffeine-rich dietary supplements, there is increasing unease over performance enhancing drugs for mining companies.

He explained: “Steroid use is becoming more and more widespread. We know that the mines are getting more and more concerned about it. But most companies don’t test for steroids.”

Steroids in the Workplace

Perhaps such companies do not see steroids as such a big issue, having the impression that it does not affect work performance in the same way that illegal drug abuse would.

However, while it may not impair the individual or make them lethargic they could have an extremely negative effect to the contrary. Mr Graham urged that the drugs heighten the chance of roid rage incidents in an already high-risk working environment.

AlphaBiolabs can test for steroids in the workplace, anywhere in the UK. Therefore it does not have to be a burden on your particular business, whether workers are performing a safety critical role or not. Testing for a substance within the workplace can greatly deter its misuse and reduce the detrimental effects it can have on both productivity and safety.

We can provide awareness training for employees at all levels, to help understand what is expected of them and also what they can expect from your company regarding a drug misuse policy and also its extensive benefits.

Mr Graham suggested that awareness should be raised to teach people about the toll such drugs take on workers’ minds and bodies. The issue of drug misuse is becoming more worrying over time, as his ‘Beat the Cheats’ campaign, ran just a couple of times a year in 2010. Whereas in 2014 it was closer to 20.

If you are concerned about drug misuse within your company, AlphaBiolabs offers workplace testing that can test for steroids and a number of other drugs that can be detrimental to your business and the wellbeing of your employees.

Please visit our drugs we test for page to see a comprehensive list of drugs we can detect and quantify if they are in an employee’s system, or even to establish a history of intake over a period of months using hair drug testing methods.

If you require drug testing in the workplace or would like to learn more, then please contact our friendly customer service team on 0333 600 1300 or

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AlphaBiolabs is an accredited laboratory offering a range of drug testing services.
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