The European Workplace Drug Testing Society (EWDTS) has announced the recent update of guidelines for urine, oral fluid and hair drug testing.

The updated guidelines have been circulated to EWDTS members for comment and feedback before the final versions will be ratified at the EWDTS’s board meeting in London this month.

EWDTS Guidelines

The guidelines in their current form can be viewed here. Although it is not exactly light reading, it may be of great interest to employers who utilise workplace drug testing or wish to do so in the future.

The guidelines cover urine drug testing, oral fluid drug testing and hair drug testing. We would assume that it may be a little on the late side to offer feedback and comments, but the webpage is still encouraging submissions from EWDTS members on each of these workplace drug testing methods.

Speaking at a past EAP Institute annual conference, former EWDTS board member, toxicologist Anya Pierce, explained the purpose of the guidelines. They are to:

  • provide a minimum set of criteria for the providers of workplace drug testing services in Europe
  • ensure that the processes undertaken are capable of withstanding legal scrutiny
  • protect specimen donors
  • define for laboratories common quality assurance and quality controls that are capable of being accredited by an external body.

Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing and Business Services

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