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Looking for a DNA, drug or alcohol test in London? We can help!

Why Choose AlphaBiolabs?

  • Confidential DNA test results Same working day (The fastest UK paternity testing results)
  • All testing kits sent to your home using discreet packaging
  • Our laboratory processes are UKAS accredited (Laboratory number 2773)*
  • All reports emailed back and password protected for security
  • UK based confidential help and advice line
  • We are fully accredited for paternity testing using 24 markers, utilising the very latest DNA technology to ensure the reliability and accuracy of our genetic testing
  • We are the most trusted laboratory by solicitors in the UK for legal DNA testing

AlphaBiolabs is UKAS 17025 accredited meaning that you can have confidence in our results as our own laboratory has been independently assessed and passed by industry experts from the UK Accreditation Service (UKAS). We offer a range of ‘peace of mind’ Paternity Tests, which can be ordered online. We understand the anxiety you may be feeling at this time and have taken appropriate measures to ensure that confidentiality is maintained at every step.

DNA Testing in London

We have a wide range of DNA testing services that can be ordered online. Members of the public can also pick up a DNA test kit from our Walk in Centres in Wembley and Clapham, or from local Home Bargains stores in Beckton, Southall, Waltham Abbey, Romford, Thurrock, Stevenage, Basildon, Chelmsford, Letchworth, Southend on Sea, Reading, Bletchley and Basingstoke.

Our Peace of Mind DNA tests only involve swabbing cheek cells and can be taken at home or at the Walk in Centres. When the samples are received back in our UK-based laboratory, you will receive your test results either the same day or next working day. We understand the anxiety you may be feeling at this time and have taken appropriate measures to ensure that confidentiality is maintained at every step.

Paternity testing in London (Peace of mind)

Our peace of mind DNA paternity test is designed to determine the paternity of a child and the relationship to one or more males.The test consists of a kit that we send out to you through the post. You can then take the test at your leisure and send the samples back to our UK based laboratory. You will receive your paternity test sample results the next working day.

We have a full range of testing services available in your area. Established in August 2004, AlphaBiolabs is an accredited DNA Paternity, Drug and Alcohol UK based Testing Laboratory.

Sibling DNA Testing in London (Peace of mind)

AlphaBiolabs Sibling DNA testing uses DNA technology to establish whether or not a brother and a sister have the same father or the same father and mother.

AlphaBiolabs Sibling DNA testing has an accuracy rate of 100%. We ask for the inclusion of the mother’s DNA samples in this testing procedure as this usually increases the accuracy rate. We use statistical analysis to evaluate the amount of DNA shared between the individuals tested to deduce a biological relationship.

Auntship DNA Testing in London (Peace of mind)

Aunt DNA testing (also known as Avuncular tests) is often needed when the alleged father or mother is deceased or unwilling to participate in the testing process and the alleged aunt of the child would like to establish their biological relationship to the child.

Uncle DNA Testing in London (Peace of mind)

Uncle DNA testing (also known as Avuncular tests) is often needed when the alleged father or mother is deceased or unwilling to participate in the testing process and the alleged Uncle of the child would like to establish their biological relationship to the child.

Grandparent DNA Testing in London (Peace of mind)

Grandparent DNA tests can be used to establish a biological relationship between an individual and one or more of their alleged grandparents.

One of the main reasons that this test is performed is when a child’s alleged father is unavailable for paternity testing and the child’s grandparents want to know whether the child is truly related to them.

DNA Maternity Testing in London (Peace of mind)

A DNA maternity test is suitable if you want to demonstrate the existence of a biological relationship between an alleged mother and a child. The DNA maternity test is similar in principle to a DNA paternity test.

Legal DNA Testing in London

We analyse DNA samples for 24 markers, utilising the latest technology, retesting any negative samples for crucial reassurance that the results are completely accurate. With a UK wide sample collection service you can be sure that our legal DNA testing is right everytime.

DNA Immigration Testing London

AlphaBiolabs specialise in immigration DNA testing. We have worked with some of the largest specialist immigration solicitors for many years. Our immigration DNA tests are recognised and admissible for UK courts, the UK Visas and Immigration Service and the Ministry of Justice.

Drug & Alcohol Testing in London

Legal drug testing in London

We offer a wide range of legal DNA, Drug and alcohol testing services that are fully accredited and accepted by UK courts

Legal Alcohol testing in London

We offer a wide range of legal DNA, Drug and alcohol testing services that are fully accredited and accepted by UK courts

Local Authority Testing Services

AlphaBiolabs is accredited by the UK Accreditation Service (UKAS) and is specialised in providing legally-approved DNA, drug and alcohol testing services to local authorities, social workers and councils throughout the UK.

Sample Collection in London

We offer a secure, rapid and convenient service by our experienced network of highly qualified staff nurses. Our staff nurses provide a friendly and reliable service, which guarantees correct sample collection, whilst observing strict chain of custody procedures that safeguard the integrity of the sample.

On receipt of your instruction we will register the case and will promptly send you a formal quotation. We are then able to dispatch a qualified AlphaBiolabs staff nurse to a designated location to collect the sample.

London is the capital of England and the most populous city in the UK. Its population (corresponding to Greater London) is over 8,700,000, making it the largest of any city in the EU and accounting for 13.4% of the UK population.

The city has been a major settlement for over 2000 years since it was founded by the Romans and named Londinium. The Romans left at the beginning of the 5th Century. Britain was then invaded by the Angles, the Saxons and the Jutes (who came from Holland, Germany and Denmark). During the 9th and 10th Centuries there were many attacks by the Vikings.

During Medieval times, the Normans invaded from France and William the Conqueror took control. The Tower of London was built as a stronghold to guard London. Trade increased steadily during the Middle Ages, and London grew rapidly as a result. In 1100, London’s population was more than 15,000, and by 1300 it had grown to roughly 80,000. In the mid-14th century, London lost at least half of its population during the Black Death, but its economic and political importance prevailed. Evidence of Medieval trade can be found in the street names within London’s Square Mile today: Pudding Lane, Bread Street, Milk Street, Threadneedle Street, Ropemakers Square and Silk Street.

by 1600, there were about 200,000 people living in London. The river Thames was very important in Tudor times. Britain’s navy expanded, dockyards were built and ships were sent to explore the world. The first theatres were built in London during Tudor times. The most famous being The Globe, in which Shakespeare owned a share.

Britain’s trading capabilities continued to expand in the 18th Century and goods were brought into London from all over the world. At the same time, London also became an important financial centre. During Queen Victoria’s reign London expanded enormously. Industry came to Britain and railways were built linking much of the country to the capital. London had the first ever underground railway (The Tube), which opened in 1862. Between 1919 and 1939, built-up London doubled in size.

Today, London is a leading global city in the arts, commerce, education, entertainment, fashion, finance, healthcare, media and tourism. It is the world’s largest financial centre and is often regarded as a world cultural capital. It is the world’s most-visited city (as measured by international arrivals) and has the world’s largest city airport system (measured by passenger traffic). It also has the largest concentration of higher education institutes in Europe.

London has 12 Football League clubs, including seven in the Premier League: Arsenal, Brentford, Chelsea, Crystal Palace, Fulham Tottenham Hotspur and West Ham United. The other London teams are Queens Park Rangers, Millwall, Charlton Athletic, AFC Wimbledon and Barnet.

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Your nearest walk-in centres are: North London & South London

Your nearest AlphaBiolabs test centres are our North London walk-in centre, located in Wembley & South London walk-in centre, located in Stockwell

North London walk-in-centre Address:
Wembley Centre for Health and Care
116 Chaplin Road,

South London walk-in-centre Address:
Springfield Medical Centre
110 Union Road

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Directions to our North London walk-in centre

Directions to our South London walk-in centre

Our London Walk in Centres are the latest in a nationwide network, where DNA, drug and alcohol testing samples can be collected securely and for free without having to make an appointment first. This is particularly useful for legal tests, which require a strict chain of custody so the results can be used as evidence in court proceedings.