A man proposed to his girlfriend on the Jeremy Kyle Show after a paternity test proved he’d been wrong to question whether he was the father of her child.

Chris and Leanne have been a couple for three years, but when questioned on the show that he’d heard rumours their son, Luke, was not his biological son.

Chris suspected Leanne of cheating while he was out supporting his football team, but was proved wrong upon learning the results of the DNA test.

Thrilled Chris promptly got down on one knee and Leanne agreed to marry him on national TV.

Leanne had fallen pregnant despite Chris having been told he has a low sperm count which left him wanting confirmation of the paternity of the child.

But Chris said he was certain he would still love the child (Luke) no matter what the results were, and added that the ring had been tucked safely in his pocket throughout the show.

Doubts over paternity

Leanne explained how miserable she had been over Chris’s doubts and told him he needed to ‘stop believing other people’.

She also said that she was ‘a thousand percent sure’ that he was the father of the child, she said, and the DNA test proved her right.

The pair tearfully embraced after Leanne said yes, with Chris adding that he would like to adopt her other child, Chloe, as his own.

But then Chris whispered: ‘I’ve got one more thing to do…’

The audience whooped and cheered as Leanne accepted his proposal.

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