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Paternity Testing

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are our frequently asked question’s (FAQ’s) If you have any general questions you may find the answer your looking for here.

Paternity Testing FAQs

Only Paternity Testing FAQs here! Nothing else to see.

Can you get Paternity testing on the NHS?

Can you get a paternity test for free on the NHS. Learn if you can here.

Can Someone Cheat a DNA Test?

Can someone cheat a DNA test? It’s one of the questions we get asked most. Find out the answer here.

Court Ordered Paternity Testing

Learn about court ordered paternity testing. Find out the answer here.

DNA Paternity Testing Law

Need to know about DNA paternity testing law? You can learn everything you need to know here.

What’s Included in a Paternity Test Kit?

Learn about what we include in our peace of mind paternity test here.

Why do people need Paternity Testing?

Why do people need Paternity Testing? Learn all about the reasons behind paternity testing.

Can a mother refuse a paternity test?

A mother may refuse a paternity DNA test. Learn all about the reasons why here.

Paternity test percentages explained

Learn about Paternity test percentages here.

DNA Testing

The History of DNA Discovery

The History of DNA Discovery. Learn how it all started, who’s behind the DNA science.

How Much is a DNA Test?

How much is our DNA testing service? You can find out here the prices of all our DNA testing.

DNA Testing After Fertility Treatments

With increasing numbers of babies being born as a result of fertility treatment, DNA testing can give you peace of mind over the biological identity of your child.

The DNA Science

Learn about The DNA Science behind our DNA testing services here.

Types of DNA Testing

What types of DNA testing do we provide as a service? All the information is here.

Why We DNA Test The Mother?

Why we try to get the mothers sample for DNA testing?

How do I change a father’s name on a birth certificate?

Do you need to change a name on a Birth Certificate? Learn all about this here.

DNA Testing FAQ

Do you have any questions about our DNA testing? You can find all the answers here.

Should I take a DNA Test?

Have you thought about the implications of taking a DNA test? Learn more here.

Solicitors Legal DNA Testing FAQ’s

Are you a solicitor and still have some questions regarding our legal testing services? Get your answers here.

Zygosity Twin Testing Explained

Are you looking for answers about our DNA Zygosity Twin Testing? Get your answers here.

Why is consent needed?

Why is consent needed from all parties when DNA testing?

How much DNA do we share?

Find out how much DNA we share with the animal World? Get your answers here.

How do I understand my paternity DNA Test Results?

Need an understanding of your paternity DNA test results? Learn more here.

What does parental responsibility for DNA testing mean?

What is parental responsibility? Learn more here.

The DNA Testing Process Explained

Learn about our DNA testing process here.

All about prenatal DNA testing

Learn about our prenatal DNA testing process here.

Peace of Mind vs. Legal DNA testing

Learn the diffrence between Peace of Mind and Legal DNA testing.

Home Office DNA Testing Explained

Home Office approved DNA testing can be used for immigration cases

Additional DNA reporting

AlphaBiolabs offers its customers the option to include additional reports with every case.

All about toothbrush DNA testing

Toothbrush DNA testing is the latest addition to AlphaBiolabs DNA relationship testing services.

Baby gender test vs. ultrasound

Which is more reliable; a baby gender DNA test or an ultrasound?

Workplace Drug & Alcohol Testing

Workplace Testing – The Law

Do you have any legal questions about Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing?

Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing – FAQ’s

Got any questions about Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing? Here is our comprehensive guide.

Can you refuse a drugs test?

Six reasons why you can refuse a drug test at work; and why they won’t work

Tackling workplace toxicity

Tackling toxicity at work with workplace testing

Urine vs. oral fluid drug testing

Which is the best workplace drug testing method?

Narrow and wide-window drug testing in the workplace

Why there’s a place for both narrow- and wide-window drug testing in the workplace


Useful Organisations

Here we have complied a select list of useful third party organisations.

Fun facts about twins

Here are some fun facts about twins.

Problems opening your Test Report

Having difficulties in opening your Test Report? Read our helpful hints.