How Does a DNA Test Work?

Many people ask ‘How do your DNA Test’s work?’ Here our DNA experts hope to answer your question’s regarding our DNA testing.

DNA Testing Uses

DNA testing has a number of practical applications, including:

  • Relationship Testing : To establish if someone is biologically related to another.
  • Forensic Testing : To help identify suspects or victims in a criminal investigation.
  • Gene Therapy : To test parents or foetuses for genetic conditions or birth defects.
  • Genetic Genealogy : To find out more about ancestry.

At AlphaBiolabs we specialise in DNA Testing to establish biological relationships, which in itself has a great number of practical applications such as paternity testing or sibling testing for peace of mind, for court approved testing to provide proof of parentage during child support and family law cases or for immigration purposes for example.

How DNA Testing Works

DNA is like a genetic blueprint that your biological building-blocks follow in order to create every single part of you. This blueprint is contained within every single cell in your body and is completely unique to you (with the exception of identical twins).

99.9% of DNA from two people will be identical. The 0.1% of DNA code sequences that vary from person are what make us biologically unique.

Your DNA is inherited from your biological parents, half from your father and half from your mother. This is established at conception and remains constant throughout your entire life.

DNA testing works by the direct examination of genetic material containing this genetic code, by analysing a sample collected from a mouth swab for paternity testing for example.

Paternity testing is used to establish whether an alleged father is a true biological parent of a child. By analysing the DNA of the child against that of the alleged parent(s) it can be determined whether they share the necessary genetic markers such as those they would have inherited from a biological parent.

If the tested alleged father does not have the genetic markers to be the father of the child, they would be excluded as a possible biological father. If the tested alleged father’s DNA does contain those markers, then the probability that they are the true biological father is calculated and a reporting scientist will summarise the likelihood of them being so within the report of the DNA testing results.

It is not possible for any DNA Test anywhere to establish a complete 100% probability of paternity, but AlphaBiolabs’ highly accurate methods can establish a probability of paternity of over 99.99%. It is possible, however, for DNA testing to establish a complete 0% probability in cases of exclusion. At AlphaBiolabs we test these negative results twice for extra reassurance.

How to take a DNA Test

DNA Testing can be conducted in a number of different ways such as by taking a blood sample or using a mouth swab to rub on the inside of the cheeks.

AlphaBiolabs use buccal mouth swabs, which look similar to cotton buds, in most cases for our DNA testing as it is a simple and painless collection process.

With our DNA testing for peace of mind DNA test kits can be self-administered using these mouth swabs, but for legal DNA testing one of our fully trained nurses will have to perform the sample collection, although they will applicate the mouth swab in much the same way (click here to view how to use a DNA test kit.)

A sample collector is required in order to maintain the chain of custody so the results of the testing can be used for legal reasons such as for evidence of a biological relationship in court proceedings.

This chain of custody is crucial for legal DNA testing as this means that it can be legally proven that those who were tested were those who were in fact tested.

One situation where we will take a blood sample is during prenatal DNA testing, as this is a non-invasive method that examines the unborn child’s DNA from the mother’s blood.

If you require sample collection for DNA testing then you may wish to utilise our sample collection network, which can visit you at a time and a place that is convenient to you.

Alternatively, if you are able to visit one of our Walk-in Centre locations, you will be able to have your sample collected for free, without the need to make an appointment (subject to opening days and times).

Why use AlphaBiolabs for DNA testing?

There are a number of reasons you should take advantage of AlphaBiolabs’ DNA testing, here are just a few:

  • We provide both peace of mind and legal DNA testing with next day results as standard making us the fastest DNA testing laboratory in the world as standard.
  • We provide free sample collection when clients visit our Walk-in Centres, which do not require an appointment and could save you £50 – £100 per person tested.
  • Our friendly customer service can provide help at any stage of your case and DNA testing specialists are at hand to give expert advice for more complex scenarios.
  • We are 100% confidential and our DNA test kits are delivered in discreet packaging.
  • We will match any like-for-like DNA testing quote (and beat it by 5%), guaranteeing low prices with our price match promise.
  • We have our own team of fully qualified sample collectors available nationwide that maintain chain of custody throughout the entire process.
  • AlphaBiolabs are a UKA ISO 17025 accredited laboratory with over 10 years of experience in the DNA testing industry.

Furthermore, our Next Day Legal DNA Testing is accepted by:

  • Family Law Courts
  • The Ministry of Justice
  • The Child Support Agency (CSA)
  • The Home Office
  • The UK Visas and Immigration Service

If you require DNA testing to establish / prove a biological relationship for any purpose, then please contact our friendly customer service team on 0333 600 1300 or