SmartMobile™ Portable Alcohol Monitoring

SmartMobile is a discreet and portable breath alcohol testing device, which allows for instant, on-demand monitoring and drinking event notifications.

What is SmartMobile Portable Alcohol Monitoring?

SmartMobile is a portable breath alcohol testing device with a built-in camera and GPS tracking capabilities. It can be customised for each user with scheduled, random or on-demand testing options available. It is also discreet, lightweight and easy to use, which helps to encourage participant accountability and compliance.

SmartMobile is a cost-effective solution for local authorities, courts, child protection agencies and family law practitioners who need to safely enforce co-parenting, custody and access arrangements. It can also be useful in defending against allegations of excessive alcohol consumption.

The device provides instant, on-demand monitoring and drinking event notifications, whilst the online portal enables real-time reporting.


What does the test measure?
Breath alcohol concentration (BAC).

How does it detect alcohol?
The SmartMobile device provides a real-time reading of a participant’s breath alcohol content (BAC) as they blow into the removable mouthpiece.

It works in the same way as a breathalyser used by the police.

Any combination of scheduled, random or on-demand testing options are available, enabling a bespoke testing schedule to be tailored for each participant.

Who is SmartMobile suitable for?
SmartMobile is the ideal solution for family law firms and local authorities who need to safely enforce co-parenting, custody and access arrangements. It helps to create a secure home for children by ensuring an alcohol-free environment.

SmartMobile can also be used to defend against allegations of excessive alcohol consumption.

Is SmartMobile disruptive to daily life?
SmartMobile has been specifically designed for discreet and easy use.

The portable size means that it can be safely stored away when not in use. It can also be charged on the go, thanks to USB compatibility.

Is random testing possible with SmartMobile?
Yes. Random, scheduled and on-demand testing options are all available, depending on the requirements of the case.

Does the same face need to be detected throughout the testing schedule, to prevent tampering?
The SmartMobile device detects the user’s face when taking a test and the inbuilt camera automatically captures an image as the user takes their test.

If the unit does not detect a human face, the test will fail and the user will need to take another test.

If another person takes the test on the user’s behalf, their image will automatically be captured and so the tampering attempt will be visible in the online portal.

How long does the SmartMobile battery last for?
The SmartMobile battery can last for up to 120 hours (around five days) from a single, full charge.

What happens if a participant misses a test?
As the test window nears the end of the allotted time, the SmartMobile unit will beep more frequently. If a testing window is missed, this will be recorded as a ‘Missed Test’ in the online portal.

Will SmartMobile register a reading in a low signal area?
When the device is turned on, the user will see a signal strength icon along the top of the display, just like on a mobile phone. It is the user’s responsibility to ensure that the unit is placed in a strong signal area.

SmartMobile uses the mobile network to transfer data. The time it takes to download and send reports will depend on the signal strength of the device and network traffic.

How soon after testing are the results uploaded to the portal?
As long as the SmartMobile device has an adequate signal, test results should be uploaded and accessible via the online portal within 5 to 15 minutes.

Is the ‘Breath Alcohol Concentration’ (BAC) level displayed to the user?
SmartMobile is predominantly designed to monitor abstinence.

The BAC level is displayed on all reports, and in the online portal. However, the recorded level is not displayed to the user.

How much does a person have to drink to register a positive result?
On the SmartMobile unit, the default ‘Fail’ is 0.020 BAC (equivalent to 20mg of alcohol per 100mg of blood).

Case Study

Paul* and Emily* split up last year. They wanted to come to a custody arrangement that enabled Paul to care for their children every Friday and Saturday. However, Emily was concerned about Paul’s drinking habits since the split.

Paul had gone through a period of regular binge drinking shortly after their relationship ended, but claimed that he had successfully abstained from alcohol for the last three months.

He agreed to participate in SmartMobile testing, which would enable him to prove his sobriety. A trained member of staff delivered the device to Paul’s home and gave him full instructions and a demo on how to use it.

After the agreed 30-day testing period, the reports proved that Paul had not had a single drinking episode.

Paul then agreed to carry on using SmartMobile just on the days when he was looking after the children, to give Emily further peace of mind.

And because of the nature of the device and the fully customised testing windows, the children remained unaware of the testing, thereby protecting their positive relationship with their father.

*Please note that the names have been changed to protect identity.

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