Child Support Agency DNA Testing (CSA DNA Test)

We are a UKAS accredited testing laboratory No 2773, so our paternity testing can be used in UK courtsWhat makes AlphaBiolabs the best CSA DNA testing laboratory for you?

  • Next day* Legal CSA DNA testing as standard
  • Same day* Legal CSA DNA test available if required
  • Winner of the Queens award for Enterprise in Innovation 2016
  • Most competitively priced laboratory in the UK
  • Our laboratory processes are UKAS accredited (Laboratory number 2773)*, so our paternity testing can be used in UK courts
  • Ministry of Justice approved to carry out parentage tests directed by the civil courts in England and Wales under Section 20 of the Family Law reform Act 1969
  • Chain of custody maintained
  • Sample collection service available for any UK location
  • Split invoicing available on request
  • Statement of Witness reports available on request
  • Free sample collection from our walk in centres

Note: ISO 17025 is the international standard for DNA sibling, maternity and paternity testing.
With our CSA DNA Test services you can save money and time in a number of different ways and are provided with the fastest legal DNA testing results in the UK as standard.

Child Support Agency (CSA) logoOur CSA DNA Testing is approved and accepted by the Child support Agency (CSA). The Child Support Agency is the UK Government’s child maintenance service and their role is to make sure that parents who live apart from their children contribute towards their children’s upkeep by paying child maintenance.

AlphaBiolabs have helped thousands of people with their CSA paternity testing in the UK. If there is a dispute regarding the paternity of a child and the Child Support Agency are involved, then this is the test you will need.

Why use the Child Support Agency (CSA)

Statistics show that one in six men who underwent Paternity Testing on their presumed offspring were in fact not the father.

These statistics were released by the Child Support Agency, who estimated that around 3,000 men who had DNA paternity testing in 2005 were unfairly paying for child maintenance. The paternity testing showed they were not in fact the fathers. But around 84% of all the men who came forward for paternity testing through the Child Support Agency were, it turned out, the fathers of the child in question.

The 3,000 men, therefore account for a relatively small percentage. Of course, for those men paternity testing makes all the difference to them both emotionally and financially.

Disagreements about the parentage of a child

If you have any reason to doubt that you are the parent of a child, or if the person you are naming as the parent of a child is not in fact the parent, you should contact the CSA immediately.

If someone denies that they are the parent of a child the CSA or Child Maintenance Service will ask them for evidence proving that they are not the biological parent of the child in question.

If there is no evidence to prove that they are not the biological parent of the child ask both parents to take a DNA test and ask the courts to make a decision on the parentage of the child.

If you are considering taking a DNA test to dispute the parentage of a child it is very important that you contact the CSA as soon as possible and tell them that you are using AlphaBiolabs to conduct your legal paternity test.

If you have a legal representative you may ask him to do this for you. The CSA may ask you for a written statement from you denying that you are the parent of the child in question.

Please Note: If you need a legal DNA test for use with the Child Support Agency (CSA) then you must register with them before you purchase a DNA test from AlphaBiolabs. The CSA will only accept this legal DNA test if the alleged father, the mother and the child/children take part in the DNA testing process.

We Make proving paternity for the CSA simple

The Fastest DNA TestOur ethos is to make the DNA testing process as simple and convenient as possible to both yourself and the CSA.

The CSA will only accept DNA samples from individuals if certain criteria has been met, such as does the laboratory doing the testing meet all the criteria for Legal DNA testing services? Does it appear qualified on the Ministry of Justice website as a qualified testing laboratory? Has a full chain of custody been maintained? Is the nurse taking the sample a fully qualified nurse?

To achieve this we have implemented several key changes to ensure that you, the customer are receiving the best value possible as conveniently as possible and that all the criteria for the Child Support Agency has been met.

We can collect DNA samples from any location you feel suitable, which cuts out the hassle for you. We can also collect Legal DNA samples from prisons, children’s homes, probation offices and even your offices.

Free legal test sample collection

Another way to make great savings with your legal testing is with our free Walk-in Centres.
At our walk in centers, sample collection is provided for free and does not require an appointment. Your client can just pop in at a time that is convenient to them (subject to opening days and times) so it is unlikely that they will not be able to attend the sample collection for any reason due to their flexible and convenient nature.

Using one of these centres could save you up to £165 on your legal testing or even more when combined with our price match promise.

Our free sample collection centres are open in the following locations:

Please note: Before you attend one of our Walk-in Centres please call 0333 600 1300 to register your case.
Our sample collection service is not included in our scope of accreditation.

Contact Alphabiolabs or ask your legal representative to do so and arrange your DNA test for the CSA. We will arrange for a fully trained company nurse to take all the case details and arrange for the DNA sample to be taken. There is a strict chain of custody involved so at no point can the DNA samples be tampered with.

We will send the test results to your legal representative or directly to the child support agency. You will also receive a copy of the results either via email, by post or in some cases both.

Apply for your Child Support Agency (CSA) DNA Testing here

Now you can apply for your legal testing online. We have made this as easy as possible to save you time, but if you want to download the PDF version of our forms for you to print, sign and email back to – also please feel free to call our Free-phone number on: 0333 600 1300 to speak to one of our experts.

PDF Downloads Download Links
Legal DNA Profile Request Form (Solicitors) Legal DNA Profile Request Form (PDF 13K)
Legal DNA Profile Request Form (Public) Legal DNA Profile Request Form (public) (PDF 13K)
Drug and Alcohol Request Form Drug and Alcohol Request Form (PDF 12K)
Immigration DNA Request Form Immigration DNA Request Form (PDF 13K)
Peace of mind DNA Profiling Request Form DNA Profiling Request Form (PDF 13K)
Split Invoicing Request Form Split Invoicing Request Form (PDF 13K)

Please download the appropriate form, print and fill in all the relevant details. Please make sure you sign the form and and email back to

You can now register your CSA DNA test online here:

Need a peace of mind DNA paternity test?

We also provide peace of mind paternity testing. This paternity test is just for your own peace of mind and cannot be used in any legal aspect. With this DNA test we send our DNA test kit to your home for you to take the DNA samples at your leisure. To learn more about our peace of mind paternity test please click here.

To ensure that you receive the right test for your needs we recommend that you call our friendly customer support team on: 0333 600 1300.

*Please note: Our sample collection service is not included in our scope of accreditation.