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Keeping your workforce Covid-free

As businesses across the country continue to adapt to the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic, regular Covid-19 testing is vital to keep workplaces and workforces safe and operational. This is especially true in the logistics & transport sector, along with other industries where employees can’t do their jobs from home.

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We’re doing our bit for the NHS

The desperate shortage of coronavirus testing kits for the NHS has been headline news for weeks now. By using serological testing, tell-tale antibodies in an individual’s blood can identify whether someone has come into contact with the virus, and importantly, establish whether frontline staff can go back to work.

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Orders treble for prenatal paternity test

AlphaBiolabs has invested £400,000 in additional laboratory equipment to meet soaring demand for its non-invasive prenatal paternity test. The company earlier this year achieved a UK first by introducing the test at its laboratory in Warrington. Previously, samples were sent to the United States for analysis, leading to delays in customers receiving their DNA results.

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