Outbound PCR Pre-Departure / Fit To Fly test

Outbound At Home PCR Pre-Departure / Fit To Travel test


Convenient at-home testing – no need to travel to a clinic as the testing kits are delivered direct to you

This laboratory nasopharyngeal/oropharyngeal test is only valid for LEAVING the UK and if required / accepted by your destination country. You CANNOT use this test for returning to the UK.

Please note that test kits can only be sent to UK addresses.

Most countries now require you to provide proof of a negative Covid-19 test in order to gain entry. This is commonly known as a ‘Fit To Fly Certificate’.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you understand the entry requirements and restrictions for the country you intend to travel to. It is also your responsibility to ensure that you take your sample within the correct timeframe, according to the specific requirements of your destination country.

Visit the government website for full details of all international requirements and restrictions:

Please ensure that you order your Pre-Departure / Fit To Fly test kit at least 5 working days before you are due to travel. This it to allow sufficient time for you to receive your kit, take your sample, return it to our laboratory, and for us to then process your sample and issue your result and certificate. If you order your test or return your sample at the last moment and there is a problem with your sample, or your test result is inconclusive, you will not have time to re-take your test and may therefore not be allowed to travel. AlphaBiolabs cannot be held responsible under these circumstances.

View our list of FAQs related to Covid-19 testing for international travel here.

WARNING! The country you have selected is on the UK government’s red list. You are therefore unable to use the Fit to Fly testing scheme. More information here.

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Please call 0333 600 1300 if you would like to order a test.

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Any mistakes or errors will cause a delay to your result being issued.
There is a £25 administration fee to correct any mistakes or errors, or to amend your order in any other way.