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Our DNA paternity tests look at 24 DNA markers and examine the child’s DNA and identify which half is inherited from the mother and which half is from the father.

When testing the biological father of the child both will share identical sections of DNA at each marker. When the tested man is not the biological father there will be differences in the DNA of the man and the child.

Why choose AlphaBiolabs for your paternity DNA test kit?

  • UK’s most popular home DNA test kit
  • Winner of the Queens award for Enterprise in Innovation 2016
  • Voted the best Peace of Mind paternity test 2014, 2015 & 2016
  • We test the alleged father, child and the mother when available
  • Paternity test Kit sent directly to your address with discreet packaging
  • Our laboratory processes are UKAS accredited (Laboratory number 2773)
  • We test all our exclusion rates twice
  • Confidential results available same working day
  • 100% accurate parental cheek cell testing service
  • Our test uses 24 markers
  • TV programmes such as The Jeremy Kyle Show and Family Finders trust us for testing

Choose to receive accurate and confidential results either same working day for £149.00 or the next day for just £99.00. You can purchase a Peace of Mind paternity test below and we will send out the DNA sample collection kit today.

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The standard test includes the mother, one child and one alleged father. If you need to add more please use this section. Please leave blank if you do not require more than one child to be tested.

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