Hair Strand Drug Test (peace of mind)

It is not easy to know what to do when you suspect a loved one may be abusing drugs. As one of Europe’s leading drug testing laboratories, they are in the safest hands when they take part in one of our confidential ‘Peace of Mind’ hair strand drug tests.

The first step to dealing with a loved one’s drug problem is to find out the truth. We have helped thousands of families and individuals identify drug misuse, the first step on the path to recovery.

Why Test Hair For Drugs?

Everything we swallow, eat, drink, inhale or inject into our bodily systems contains chemicals. When harmful chemicals from drugs find their way into a person’s blood, they produce metabolites that enter the hair strands via hair follicles.

The interesting thing about this is that these metabolites remain in the hair even after it has grown, so you can detect a person’s historical drug intake. Hair samples will ideally be taken from a person’s head, as it tends to grow at a steady rate. However, we can also do body hair testing if the hair on their head is not long enough for sufficient testing.

Some key facts to consider are:

  • Drug testing using samples of hair provides a longer history of substance abuse compared with other techniques, as it can cover a period of up to twelve months
  • Other analytical sampling methods which are used, for example urine and saliva are limited to a few days or weeks
  • External factors can affect the accuracy of other types of analysis
  • Irrespective of the delivery method for drug abuse i.e. oral ingestion, inhalation through the nose, injection or smoking, hair testing can detect a long list of illegal drugs used in the UK (Learn about the ‘drugs we test for’)

Rely On Alpha To Get your drug test Right

Ordering a test for drug usage is perhaps one of the most important decisions you could ever take on a loved one’s behalf.

This knowledge is the critical starting point on a journey you can take to transform the life of a loved one.

Your results have to be right and right first time. With AlphaBiolabs you can be sure they will be!

Independent Accreditation For Your Peace Of Mind

Unlike other service providers, we do not use other labs to do our testing. AlphaBiolabs performs all its testing in its own UK laboratory which has been assessed independently by the UK Accreditation Service (UKAS) to the international quality standard ISO 17025**.

So you will know who is testing your samples, where they are being tested and rest assured in the knowledge that they are not being passed through the hands of several third parties.

Try Our Caring Confidential Drug test Service

In sensitive circumstances, it is extremely important to be assured that your testing will remain strictly confidential. So we pledge to maintain your privacy by:

  • Ensuring all correspondence is sent to you in plain envelopes without AlphaBiolab’s branding
  • Credit card statements do not reveal our full company name
  • All samples are destroyed within three months of the date of our report
  • Twelve months after our report is issued, all personal information is destroyed
  • Your information is private and we keep it that way


Don’t take Chances – Trust AlphaBiolabs.

Remember, commissioning a drug test like this is probably one of the most important things you might ever do.

So please do not take a chance.

Choose a hair strand drug test and choose AlphaBiolabs as your confidential caring partner.

We’ll give you the accurate result and the confidential information you can depend on as you plan for your loved one’s future.

Important Information About Our Hair Drug Test

For information purposes only – results are not acceptable in court

Hair drug testing uses hair strand analysis to identify persistent drug misusers.

It identifies drugs and their metabolites which become embedded into the hair shaft following ingestion

Following ingestion of a drug it will be absorbed into the blood stream

It takes between 7 – 10 days for the hair containing the drug to grow above the scalp surface and two weeks to be available within a cut hair sample so cannot show the most recent drug history

Cosmetic treatments can reduce drug concentration present in hair.

No time frame is given for the result, just a concentration value and the associated cut off value.

The peace of mind drugs test is for 3 drugs, 6 drugs or 9 drugs from the list below:

  • Amphetamines
  • Benzodiazepines
  • Cannabis
  • Cocaine*
  • Opiates
  • Ecstasy (MDMA)
  • Mephedrone
  • Methadone*
  • Ketamine

A kit will be sent to an address of your choice – you take your own samples and no identification is required. An instruction leaflet is provided which gives details of how to collect the hair sample. Ideally the hair sample should be collected from the crown of the head – we also accept body hair including pubic, underarm and chest hair.

When the samples are collected they should be placed inside the foil and then in the envelope provided. The paperwork must be completed and a consent signature obtained for each person who requires a hair strand analysis. The sample envelope and paperwork should be placed in the outer envelope and taken to the Post Office, where the envelope will be weighed and postage affixed. If the samples are posted with just a stamp affixed they will be delayed by Royal Mail.

Results are received 5 working days after the day that all samples are received

Peace of Mind Drug Urine Test Kit

With the AlphaBiolabs cup 9 panel urine drug test, you’ll get a fully integrated screening kit with test cards built-in and a sealed snap-tight lid that is guaranteed not to leak even during transport. This split key cup design eliminates the handling of the urine, including no pouring or dipping.



  • No handling of the urine
  • Leak proof snap top lid
  • Integrated temperature strip
  • Auto-split sample for specimen integrity
  • No dipping, tilting, Or touching
  • 12 month shelf life
  • Results in 5 minutes


The AlphaBiolabs 9 panel drug test is a fully self contained urine screening kit for detecting drugs and the metabolites. Additionally, there is tamper protection features to help ensure the integrity of both, the sample and the results. It’s the first immediate response onsite testing drug test cup to offer a split specimen test that is not only easy to use, but is easy to administer for both sexes because of its compact, oval-shaped front, and squared back design.

To Buy in Bulk please call: 0333 600 1300

The drug test can be activate simply by inserting the key into the side of the cup in order to prevent the possibility of donor manipulation while the label maintains privacy for the results. However, you can make a photocopy of the results using the flat surface on the back of the cup. The AlphaBiolabs home drug test kit is an affordable drug testing solution that provides a quality screening method with up to 99% accuracy.

drug test kit front viewDrugs we test for:

  • Amphetamine 500ng/ml*
  • Buprenorphine (Subutex) 5ng/ml
  • Benzodiazepines 200ng/ml
  • Cocaine 150ng/ml
  • EDDP(Methadone) 100ng/ml*
  • Ketamine 1000ng/ml*
  • Methamphetamine 500ng/ml*
  • Morphine (Opiates) 300ng/ml*
  • THC (Cannabis) 50ng/ml
  • Plus Creatinine

How to Buy a Drug Test

We have made the process of buying your Drug & Alcohol Test test very easy. You can register your test in a number of ways. Firstly feel free to register over the phone by calling: (UK) 0333 600 1300 and speak to one of our expert team.

Or alternatively you can buy online using the button below:

To ensure that you receive the right test for your needs we recommend that you call our friendly customer support team on: 0333 600 1300.

*Included within our ISO 17025 Schedule of Accreditation

**Please note: Our sample collection service is not included in our scope of accreditation.