GPS Origins Ancestry Test

  • Unlock your genetic ancestry today for only £189!
  • Simple test involves cheek cell collection, no blood required
  • Results in 6 weeks from receipt of sample at the laboratory
  • TV and media companies trust us for their DNA testing

GPS Origins Ancestry from AlphaBiolabs

Do you want to discover more about where you come from? Are you fascinated by your roots and want a clearer picture of your family history?

AlphaBiolabs offers you the chance to finally get answers to your questions with the cutting-edge GPS Origins DNA test. This test uses the very latest technology to analyse your DNA and identify where in the world your family originates from.

Unlike other ancestry tests, which can only tell how much of your DNA comes from four main population groups, GPS Origins will pinpoint which specific countries, and in some case even cities, your ancestors came from. The test uses the Geographic Population Structure (GPS) algorithm which can accurately identify a person’s geographic origin going back around 1000 years based on their genetic make-up.

View a sample report here.

Four easy steps for your ancestry testing

Buy your collection kit

Collect your cheek cell DNA samples

Post back to our laboratory

Receive your results by email in 6 weeks

DNA ancestry kit

Finding out more about your origins couldn’t be simpler with AlphaBiolabs. Once you’ve ordered your kit online, you will take a sample of your DNA using a painless cheek swab and then send it to us for testing in our accredited laboratory. Highly skilled staff will analyse your sample for genetic markers from 10,000 DNA signatures taken from almost 900 populations from all over the globe.

GPS Origins ancestry report

You will be given a detailed report tracking where in the world your DNA originates from, with results for both your maternal and paternal family lines. A colour-coded map will show you which areas you are genetically linked to and you will be given background historical information about the lives your ancestors might have had.

When you order a GPS Origins test from AlphaBiolabs, you will be sent your results within 6 weeks of us receiving your sample in a secure password-protected email so it’s up to you whether you keep them private or share them with your circle of friends.

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