Non-invasive Covid-19 antigen LFT with rapid results

  • Only requires nostril swabs
  • Results in 15 minutes
  • Identify a current Covid-19 infection
  • Easy to use

Please note that this test is NOT suitable for travel purposes.
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A premium non-invasive antigen lateral flow test with rapid results

Our non-invasive LFT identifies an active COVID-19 infection using just a nose sample. Results are available within 15 minutes, with no laboratory testing required.

Based on the technical data we’ve gathered from analysing multiple LFT devices, ours is one of the most advanced non-invasive antigen LFT devices available. Our devices offer a high diagnostic specificity and diagnostic sensitivity. This allows identification of the virus from 14 days after initial exposure or after the onset of symptoms, while minimising the risk of false negative results.

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How does the non-invasive  lateral flow test work?

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How do I understand the lateral flow test results?

A total of two detection lines are possible. The control (C) line appears when the sample flows through the testing device cassette, after the buffer liquid containing the sample has been added.

Negative Result

The test result is negative if only the quality control line (C) appears. This means no COVID-19 specific antigens have been detected.

Positive Result

The test result is positive if the quality control line (C) and the antigen detection line (T) appear. This means COVID-19 specific antigens have been detected.

Where this is the case, the tested individual must follow the latest government guidance on quarantining and self-isolation.

If the quality control line (C) does not appear or it takes over 15 minutes for the line(s) to appear, the test results are invalid.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the benefit of the AlphaBiolabs non-invasive COVID-19 antigen lateral flow test?

Why wait for results? The AlphaBiolabs non-invasive antigen LFT is an affordable, fast, and accurate way to identify a current Covid-19 infection.

Our non-invasive LFT is one of the most sensitive and specific antigen lateral flow devices available, which helps to minimise false negatives.

What’s the difference between the lateral flow test and the RT-PCR test?

The COVID-19 RT-PCR test detects the virus’ genetic material (RNA) within a positive sample. A laboratory process is required to test the sample and can take up to 72 hours to return a result from the time of sample collection.

The COVID-19 LFT detects specific proteins situated on the cell membranes of the COVID-19 virus. These proteins are known as antigens and can be quickly detected, within 15 minutes, using the lateral flow immunoassay device.

Our non-invasive LFTs only require a swab sample from the nose. The RT-PCR test requires swab samples to be taken from both the nose and throat areas.

Both the LFT and the RT-PCR tests are effective methods for detecting the presence of the COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) virus but the LFT delivers quicker results.

How quickly can I get the results?

The test is designed to give you a result within 15 minutes, after the swab sample has been placed in the sample well of the immunoassay device. There is no need to send your sample to our laboratory for confirmatory testing.

If you prefer to have a ‘back to lab’ COVID-19 PCR test, click here.

Is the lateral flow test CE marked?

Yes, we only choose lateral flow devices that are CE marked. According to Directive 98/79/EC on in-vitro-diagnostic devices (Annex III), our COVID-19 lateral flow immunoassay device conforms with the Essential Requirements Annex I of the directive (98/79/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 October 1998) on in-vitro diagnostic medical devices.

Is the lateral flow device approved by the MHRA?

We ensure that the lateral flow immunoassay screening devices contained within our lateral flow testing kits exceed the minimum specification detailed on page 8 in the attached MHRA report.

How accurate is the non-invasive antigen lateral flow test?

We only choose the highest quality non-invasive lateral flow screening devices that exhibit a diagnostic sensitivity for COVID-19 specific antigens of over 96%, and a diagnostic specificity of over 97%.

Is it possible to get a false negative result?

It has been reported that there is up to a 30% risk that any COVID-19 test that relies on a nasal sample collection can result in a false negative result. Reasons can include:

  • insufficient viral load present in the nasal areas when sample collection occurred
  • incorrect sample collection procedure (if the sample collection is not uncomfortable, it is highly likely that the sample has been incorrectly collected)
  • a new variant of SARS-CoV-2 that may circumvent the specific lateral flow device

It is therefore vital that the sample collection is carried out in line with our instructions contained within the kit and the most appropriate lateral flow devices are used.

If you believe you have received a false negative result, you can either perform the test again a couple of days later, or order a ‘back to lab’ PCR test.

What is an antigen?

An antigen is any substance that your immune system sees as a threat and as a result causes the immune system to produce antibodies against it. Antigens are usually proteins, peptides (amino acid chains) and polysaccharides that can stimulate an immune response. Each antigen has a distinct surface feature which allows it to be detected using a chromatographic immunoassay.

How reliable is the non-invasive antigen lateral flow test?

Our LFT kit allows you to accurately determine if the COVID-19 virus is present in the sample being tested. With a sensitivity and specificity value of over 96% and 97% respectively, the test is very robust and reliable. However, the reliability of LFTs can depend on the strain of the virus.

We perform regular testing at our in-house PCR laboratory to ensure that the lateral flow devices we provide are best matched to minimise false negative results.

What should I do with a positive COVID-19 result?

If you receive a positive result you should follow the latest government guidelines on self-isolation and quarantining.

What if I get a positive result but don’t feel unwell?

Regardless of whether you feel unwell, if you receive a positive result you should follow the latest government guidelines on the NHS website regarding self-isolation and quarantining, which can be found here:

If you do start to experience COVID-19 symptoms and/or begin to feel unwell, visit the NHS 111 webpages for the most up-to-date advice at or call 111.

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