Hair Drug Testing

AlphaBiolabs is accredited to undertake hair strand drug testing for UK courts of law. We have helped thousands of people with their drug testing needs over the years and we are now the Longest established Hair strand Drug testing laboratory in the UK. With this kind of pedigree you can be sure that your test results will be correct, first time every time.

Hair Strand Drug TestingWhy Choose AlphaBiolabs for your Hair Drug Testing

    • Our laboratory processes are UKAS accredited (Laboratory number 2773)*
    • Unique long window of detection covering months not days
    • Most commonly used sample analysis in child protection and family law cases by UK courts
    • Segmental head hair analysis can show trends or patterns of drug use
    • Drugs are locked in the hair
    • Results within 3 working days of receipt of the sample into our UK laboratory
    • Non-invasive collection
    • UK based contact centre & laboratory
    • We can test body hair too

AlphaBiolabs does not send your samples to any other laboratory, unlike other internet based companies who do not have their own drug testing laboratories or toxicology units. We perform all of our own drug testing in house and as a result, can provide you with the fastest legal drug testing in the industry.

The benefits of hair strand drug testing

Did you know that we can tell accurately if a person has been abusing drugs and has now stopped, just by segmenting and testing their hair? Our hair strand drug test is so accurate that even if the drugs were used three months prior to the test, the presence of these drugs will still be found and detected in the hair strand.

How we do our hair strand drug testing

The hair drug testing process is made up of five steps:

  1. Hair Strand Sample collection
  2. Sample decontamination drug extraction,
  3. Simultaneous drug screening,
  4. Identification and quantitation
  5. Reporting


Hair Sample Collection

The hair strand sample collection is a critical part of the overall process when undertaking a hair drug test analysis. We request that hair samples are taken as close to the scalp as possible and be at least a pencils width thick. This ensures that we have enough sample to test accurately.

Our Drug Testing Process

Using the most advanced hair strand drug testing machines available we have a process in place which ensures that your hair strand drug test is the most accurate available. Learn more about our hair strand drug testing process here.

Our Hair Drug Testing Reporting

We have the most robust reporting methods in the drug testing industry. We know how important it is to have simple to understand reports for court, but AlphaBiolabs reports also underline all the facts about an individuals drug use history in detail.

Can You Cheat a Hair Drug Test?

Many people try and cheat our hair drugs test, here are just some of the ways we have found that people try to cheat our hair drugs testing proceedure. Learn more here.

Order Your Hair Drug Test Here

We have made the process of registering your hair drug testing case very easy. You can register your test in a number of ways. Firstly feel free to register over the phone by calling: (UK) 0333 600 1300 or (International) 00441925 255450 and speak to one of our expert team.

Alternatively you can download our registration form (below), complete all the details and and email back to You can also register your case online using the below button where we collect all the details of the case and send you our quite for the testing service you require.

PDF Downloads Download Links
Legal DNA Profile Request Form (Solicitors) Legal DNA Profile Request Form (PDF 13K)
Legal DNA Profile Request Form (Public) Legal DNA Profile Request Form (public) (PDF 13K)
Drug and Alcohol Request Form Drug and Alcohol Request Form (PDF 12K)
Immigration DNA Request Form Immigration DNA Request Form (PDF 13K)
Peace of mind DNA Profiling Request Form DNA Profiling Request Form (PDF 13K)
Split Invoicing Request Form Split Invoicing Request Form (PDF 13K)

Please download the appropriate form, print and fill in all the relevant details. Please make sure you sign the form and and email back to

You can now register your Hair Strand Drug Test case online here:

Please fill in the details as accurately as possible and one our drug testing team will be in touch to confirm all the details and give you your quote.

**Please note: Our sample collection service is not included in our scope of accreditation.