Urine Testing

AlphaBiolabs’ urine testing can provide swift, impartial results to confirm whether someone is misusing alcohol or drugs and in what quantity.
Sample collectors follow procedures throughout the process to maintain confidentiality and chain of custody, with a strict collection method, meaning that the results are legally defensible.

The initial stages of urine testing can detect a substance approximately 4 hours after ingestion, with confirmation testing providing further information about the drug content of the sample for an accurate representation.

Advantages of Urine Testing

Urine testing is one of the most established forms of drug testing methods, which provides a number of advantages:

  • Tried and tested method
  • Scientific support
  • Durable and proven procedures
  • Immediate negative results do not require confirmation testing
  • Split samples possible for confirmation analysis
  • AlphaBiolabs’ sample collection method means results are legally defensible
  • Identify what substance has been taken and in what quantity

These are just some of advantages presented through urine testing that can be utilised in a multitude of scenarios, with any of its reported weaknesses becoming more redundant than ever before with AlphaBiolabs’ strict urine testing procedures and advanced analytical equipment (please read on for more about this).
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Tamper Proof / Anti-Adulteration Urine Testing

AlphaBiolabs’ strict procedures also minimises the possibility of adulteration of a specimen.
What is adulteration in Drug & Alcohol testing?
This is where a donor may try and introduce extraneous substances into the specimens with the intention of altering the test results in an attempt to alter the outcome, rendering a positive reading into a negative one.
AlphaBiolabs’ collection methods also greatly reduce the chances that a donor can attempt to switch their urine specimen with another, ensuring that the sample is from the intended individual. Furthermore, easy to use sample collection kits are utilised during the process, which have tamper proof seals.

Can Someone Cheat a Urine Drug Test? / Can Someone Cheat a Urine Alcohol Test?

There are a few ways that urine testing can be cheated. However, robust test procedures greatly minimise the possibility of a donor switching their urine specimen with another, or tampering with it in any way.

Donors may be aware that urine testing is imminent and attempt to dilute the sample. However, you may be able to limit their water intake, if you are an employer waiting for a sample collector to arrive, when you suspect an employee may be misusing drugs for example. The donor’s intake of water should be limited to 500ml per hour until the testing takes place.

The science behind urine testing is continually advancing and improving, meaning that in the unlikely event that a donor has attempted to alter the result in anyway, the chances of it being flagged up during the analysis process are becoming more likely than ever before.

This of course makes false negatives less likely, because it is clear that the sample has been tampered with, in no way fooling the analytical process. The donor may have indeed produced a false negative result, but this is of limited advantage to the donor if the process also revealed that it has been falsified.

In fact, it would be to the donor’s detriment in many incidents. For example: if the urine specimen provided was for workplace testing purposes, a false negative through adulteration or even a refusal to give a sample could be treated as the equivalent of a positive result, if the business chooses to do so as part of their agreed Drug & Alcohol Misuse Policy.

AlphaBiolabs use the latest state of the art equipment for our drug testing analysis, alongside sample collectors using tamper-resistant collection-kits during strict collection procedures to ensure that the possibility of cheating or adulterating a urine test is kept to an absolute minimum.

The Best Way to Pass a Urine Test

If you are wondering about the best way to pass a urine test … it is to not take any undesirable substances in the first place, especially if you consider how unlikely it is to successfully cheat a urine test (see above).

If a drug is taken for medical reasons, then of course this will be accounted for, unless the drug is being misused. If a drug is taken for prescription purposes, then the urine testing also quantifies the amounts that can used to ensure that it corresponds with the prescribed dosages and that the drug is not being misused.

Public and Workplace Urine Testing

AlphaBiolabs’ urine testing service is versatile, depending upon your specific needs, providing urine testing to the public or for workplace testing services.

In fact we offer an unprecedented turnaround time of 5 days* as standard for our drug confirmation and an unrivalled next day* drug confirmation testing service for workplace testing purposes.
*Working day(s) from when the samples arrive at our laboratory before 10.00am

If you wish to arrange drug urine testing, alcohol testing or have any enquiries, please contact our friendly customer service team on 0333 600 1300 or info@alphabiolabs.co.uk