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Product Description

Peace of Mind Drug Test Kit

With the AlphaBiolabs cup 9 panel drug test, you’ll get a fully integrated screening kit with test cards built-in and a sealed snap-tight lid that is guaranteed not to leak even during transport. This split key cup design eliminates the handling of the urine, including no pouring or dipping.



  • No handling of the urine
  • Leak proof snap top lid
  • Integrated temperature strip
  • Auto-split sample for specimen integrity
  • No dipping, tilting, Or touching
  • 12 month shelf life
  • Results in 5 minutes


The AlphaBiolabs 9 panel drug test is a fully self contained urine screening kit for detecting drugs and the metabolites. Additionally, there is tamper protection features to help ensure the integrity of both, the sample and the results. It’s the first immediate response onsite testing drug test cup to offer a split specimen test that is not only easy to use, but is easy to administer for both sexes because of its compact, oval-shaped front, and squared back design.

To Buy in Bulk please call: 0333 600 1300

The drug test can be activate simply by inserting the key into the side of the cup in order to prevent the possibility of donor manipulation while the label maintains privacy for the results. However, you can make a photocopy of the results using the flat surface on the back of the cup. The AlphaBiolabs home drug test kit is an affordable drug testing solution that provides a quality screening method with up to 99% accuracy.

drug test kit front viewDrugs we test for:

  • Amphetamine 500ng/ml
  • Buprenorphine (Subutex) 5ng/ml
  • Benzodiazepines 200ng/ml
  • Cocaine 150ng/ml
  • EDDP(Methadone) 100ng/ml
  • Ketamine 1000ng/ml
  • Methamphetamine 500ng/ml
  • Morphine (Opiates) 300ng/ml
  • THC (Cannabis) 50ng/ml
  • Plus Creatinine
  • Barbiturates