The Cost of DNA testing

The cost of a DNA test for court purposes or changing a name on a birth certificate varies depending on a number of factors such as the type of test, the method of sample collection and the number of people who are to be tested.

A peace of mind DNA test costs less than a court approved test, this is not because they are any less accurate, but because the sample collection procedure is different.

In specific cases where GPs are needed to collect the samples they may include their own fees for the service, this is important to take into account when considering the cost of DNA testing.

AlphaBiolabs state when any additional fees for services are required at the point of sale so it is clear to our customers how much the DNA test costs will be overall before any payment is taken.

Home Bargains DNA Testing Kit Price

AlphaBiolab’s DNA testing kits are available for purchase online or over the phone, but can also be purchased at 290 Home Bargain locations across the UK. The DNA testing kits cost just £4.99 with an additional lab fee of just £99 pounds making the cost of a DNA test lower without compromising the quality of peace of mind DNA testing.

DNA Testing Results Prices

It is important to consider your required time frames when it comes to the cost of a DNA test, but it may make all the difference when meeting tight deadlines or court dates.

A number of our DNA test costs are structured, but we understand that for solicitors there can be many factors that can make their clients’ cases unique. Solicitors can give AlphaBiolabs the relevant details of the case in the strictest of confidence and we will provide a quote for the cost of the DNA testing.

We will meet or beat any like-for-like quote, so if you want the same DNA test cost but with a superior level of support, then AlphaBiolabs is the right choice.

Legal aid for DNA Testing

In early 2015 the government announced that £500,000 – £1m a year will be used to help pay for the DNA test costs in England from September. (DNA Test Funding). It will most likely be used to fund family mediation alongside DNA paternity tests when parents (or alleged parents) of a child cannot afford DNA test costs.

It is still unclear exactly what circumstances will qualify for any kind of legal aid and for the moment it is relatively rare that someone can be eligible for a free DNA test. For instance, they are not available on the NHS and people on benefits do not receive special discounts in the cost of DNA testing. If you cannot afford DNA test costs, for whatever reason, then get in touch with us. As we are the official provider of DNA testing for The Jeremy Kyle Show we may be able to arrange for you to have a free test, if you agree to appear and are subsequently picked to do so then you will not have to pay a penny towards the DNA testing costs.

DNA testing Prices

AlphaBiolabs provide a great number of services in DNA testing and Drug & Alcohol testing. Please feel free to explore this website or call our friendly customer service team on 0333 600 1300 for any enquiries regarding the cost of DNA testing or Drug & Alcohol testing.

The DNA test prices for legal testing can be provided by a quote and if a client can visit one of our walk-in centres this will help save you money with the cost of a DNA test as they provide free sample collection.

AlphaBiolabs uses its own UK-based laboratory, meaning we are able to streamline the cost of DNA testing wherever possible. For example, due to the large number of DNA test samples we process on a weekly basis, we are able to increase sample batch size, which can lower the DNA sample processing cost significantly compared to working on smaller batch sizes. This in turn benefits our customers in the price of a DNA test.