Drug and Alcohol Testing Awareness Training

Drug & Alcohol Awareness and Employee Education and Training

If you have a Drug and Alcohol policy or are thinking of implementing one, then it is important to raise awareness and educate staff including informing them of both the company’s obligations and their individual responsibilities concerning drugs and alcohol within the workplace.

Furthermore it reduces the ambiguity that can exist in the understanding among employers and employees of what is unacceptable, alongside providing guidance of what action can be taken when someone is involved with or accused of drug or alcohol misuse within the workplace.

Drug & Alcohol Awareness

AlphaBiolabs offer a Drug and Alcohol awareness training courses for managers and supervisors to develop a better understanding of substance misuse within the workplace.

This will normally take place in the form of a seminar and will aim to explain:

  • The necessary information concerning workplace drug and alcohol misuse, including information on drug types and effects
  • Signs and symptoms of drug or alcohol misuse
  • The legal responsibilities for managers and supervisors
  • How to use your company policy (with guidance notes)
  • How to deal with an incident relating to drugs and alcohol with documentation
  • Counselling and rehabilitation advice
  • Information on the testing procedures
  • Initiating AlphaBiolabs sample collection service


Attendees also receive a managers/supervisors reference guide. To arrange Drug & Alcohol awareness training call our friendly customer service team on 0333 600 1300 or email info@alphabiolabs.co.uk

Employee Education and Training

A crucial step during a Drug & Alcohol policy implementation is to educate those among the workforce to combat misuse in the workplace. With AlphaBiolabs this training can be customised for the industry sector and designed to be relevant for employees at all levels within the business. From contracted and temporary workers, to managers and directors, raising awareness is crucial for a safer and more productive workplace for all concerned.

AlphaBiolabs can provide you with the necessary training in the form of straightforward and comprehensive training seminars, conducted on your premises and tailored to suit your individual company needs.

This will normally take place in the form of a seminar and will aim to explain:

  • How drugs and alcohol affect the workplace
  • The signs and symptoms of misuse
  • Employees’ responsibility
  • The company’s responsibility
  • How the company will deal with a breach of the policy
  • Counselling and Support available


Attendees also receive an information pack. To arrange Drug & Alcohol training please call our friendly customer service team on 0333 600 1300 or email info@alphabiolabs.co.uk

The right training and education can be vital to the successful implementation of a Drug & Alcohol testing policy. This can be incorporated whether it is highlighting an existing policy, prior to amendments or as an introduction to a completely new policy all together.

Training and education can be used to create a strong foundation in the structure of a Drug & Alcohol policy but it can also be part of an on-going process for continual development and commitment to its procedures.

Why use AlphaBiolabs?

  • Start-to-finish Drug & Alcohol management available if required
  • Utilise only our awareness training or education training if preferred
  • Impartial advice
  • Our expertise can be used to provide information suitable for your specific requirements or industry sector
  • Training can be provided at any stage of a Drug & Alcohol policy (before its implementation or during amendments – anytime is fine)
  • We can also train your staff in sample collection


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