Workplace Drug and Alcohol Misuse Policy

Workplace Substance Abuse PolicyWe understand that no two businesses will have exactly the same drug and alcohol policy requirements, so we provide bespoke solutions to ensure that you can safeguard your business and its employees with confidence.

Using AlphaBiolabs to fully manage or provide advice regarding your drug and alcohol policy means that you can be assured that your drug and alcohol policy is independent and impartial.

Our programme management and policy advice will ensure that your drug and alcohol policy will be tailored to your needs and provide solutions to any issues or limitations present.

What is a Drug and Alcohol/Substance Misuse Policy?

  • A corporate formal document which defines the company’s stance in relation to drugs and alcohol
  • Clear and concise instructions for employer and employee
  • Formal information on what is non-compliance of policy
  • Details how substance abuse issues will be handled
  • Provides a procedure where employees with a problem can seek assistance

The importance of having a robust drug and alcohol testing policy cannot be emphasised enough.

The policy is the foundation of your companies drug and alcohol testing programme and provides the company’s approach to substance misuse.

Drug and Alcohol/Substance Misuse Policy Benefits

Implementing a drug and alcohol policy can have a positive impact on the workplace and can provide benefits from various points of view within the business including:

The Company and shareholders:

  • Maintaining the reputation and integrity of the business
  • Reduction in costs associated with sickness and staff turnover
  • Less workplace incidents, meaning less claims being made against the business
  • Testing at all levels in the business can be impartial
  • Safety of staff and public
  • Ensures the business is operating lawfully


  • Increased productivity of workforce
  • More comprehensive risk assessments
  • Improves health and safety precautions
  • Less workplace incidents
  • Reduction in theft
  • Reduction in staff turnover and need for recruitment


  • Understanding of the company standards in relation to substance misuse
  • Provides information on what the policy implementation means for them in particular (without clear and concise guidelines they may be more likely to dispute the testing)
  • Less chance of being hurt in a workplace incident
  • Testing can be used as proof of innocence when they have been accused of substance abuse
  • Reduces pressure to take or sell drugs that may otherwise be encouraged by other employees
  • Reduction in health issues associated with drug and alcohol misuse


Drug and Alcohol Testing Policy help

Consultancy is one of the crucial first steps to creating or amending a drug and alcohol policy, it can highlight its importance, open up communications and the understanding of expectations between employees at all levels.

This will usually be conducted at the early stages of the introduction of a workplace drug testing policy or before significant amendments or modifications to an existing policy.

Consultation can be utilised to identify what aspects of workplace testing are needed and will be beneficial, specifically addressing your limitations and needs, without any obligation to use our services.

Why use AlphaBiolabs?

  • Start-to-finish drug and alcohol management available if required
  • Consultation with no obligation
  • Impartial advice
  • In-house policy review
  • Custom/bespoke to suit your needs
  • All information will be kept strictly confidential whether you decide to use our service or not
  • Expertise in drug and alcohol testing
  • Guidance at any stage in the process


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