The AlphaBiolabs Workplace Testing Process

workplace testingOur workplace testing process allows for the testing of individuals for alcohol and drugs and should be regarded as a tool to help support your company’s substance abuse policy.

There are three main types of testing carried out; each organisation should consider which type(s) of testing is appropriate for their needs and create a workplace testing process which fits the company’s needs.

Pre-employment Testing

Usually carried out as part of the employee selection process. At this stage job applicants are not employees so, as long as testing is uniformly applied, it can be rapidly introduced as part of the recruitment process.

Unannounced Random Testing

Involves the testing of employees using a random selection process. Unannounced testing is a major deterrent for alcohol and drug abuse in the workplace.

For-Cause Testing

Carried out following an incident, accident, ‘near-miss’ or with ‘suspicion’. Results from such testing can then be used as part of any subsequent investigation. It it advisable to collect a sample as soon as possible after an incident in order to get the best possible indication of the presence of drugs or alcohol and to avoid employees being detained for long periods, awaiting sample collection.

Which Sample is Best?

Urine and hair can all be used to detect drugs. The main basis for choice of sample is the detection window. In general:

Drug Period of Detection
Urine Test Hair Test
Amphetamine 2 – 4 days 7 days +
Benzodiazepine Up to 2 weeks 7 days +
Cannabinoids (THC)Occasional User: 1 to 9 days 90 days
Cannabinoids (THC)Chronic User: 30 days or longer 7 days +
Cocaine 2 – 3 days 7 days +
Methadone 2 – 4 days 7 days +
Methamphetamine 2 – 4 days 7 days +
Opiates 2 – 3 days 7 days +
Zolpidem 2 – 4 days 7 days +


Hair drug testing vs. Urinalysis

Hair drug testing vs. Urinalysis
Hair Drug Testing Urinalysis
Window of detection Up to 12 months < 72 Hours
History Established historical patterns of abuse No historical patterns possible
Regularity One-off testing Regular testing
Results False positives are eliminated Risk of false positives
Collection Non-Invasive Invasive
Re-Testing Possible No possible due to short window of detection
Sample and Storage Tamper proof Risk of tampering

Sample Collection Services

AlphaBiolabs provide a professional collection service, using fully trained staff at your choice of location. Alternatively the collection of samples can also be carried out using your own company staff. If you would like to keep all testing services in-house, AlphaBiolabs encourages and fully supports a ‘do-it-yourself’ approach to testing. This is likely to be a cost-effective option for many organisations.

Chain-of Custody

The testing of an individual for alcohol or drugs may involve laboratory analysis of a urine or hair sample. Because it is essential that analytical results are attributed to the person who donated the sample, strict chain-of-custody procedures must be observed. The procedures used by AlphaBiolabs adhere to these principles, ensuring total confidence in the integrity of the process.

Client-Enabled Testing

AlphaBiolabs can provide customers with the necessary tools, training and support to carry out their own drug testing in-house. This approach can be a particularly cost-effective.

Workplace Testing Process

Below is our workplace testing process:

  • Create or update your company testing policy
  • Create a 12 month random testing plan
  • Create an after accident policy
  • Start onsite random testing

Please contact us if you would like to learn more about this exciting approach to testing.

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