Post Incident Drug and Alcohol Testing

Post incident Drug & Alcohol testing is the screening of an employee to determine if drugs or alcohol may have contributed to an incident in the workplace.

This testing is also often referred to as post-accident testing, but workplace ‘accidents’ will always have a direct or indirect cause. Furthermore, incidents can include acts such as deliberate damage to property or assaults on other members of staff.

For these reasons, it is perhaps more appropriate to call ‘accidents’ in the workplace ‘incidents’ and favour the term ‘post-incident’ when referring to such events within the workplace.

Screening for drugs and alcoholThis type of testing can be an imperative measure in incident investigations and it is our recommendation that in such cases, all employees involved should be tested including witnesses.

The International Labour Organisation estimates that up to 40% of incidents at work involve or are related to alcohol use with 60% of workplace fatalities involving alcohol.

Furthermore, 70% of substance abusers are working in full-time employment and are over three and a half times more likely to be involved in an incident in the workplace than their substance-free colleagues.

Post Incident Drug & Alcohol Testing from AlphaBiolabs

Post Incident Drug & Alcohol Testing enables employers to assess if drugs or alcohol contributed to an incident in the workplace, this could make a critical difference in the decisions made following such cases, safeguarding the rights of the employees and employer by proving or disproving if drugs or alcohol were a factor in the incident.

It is very important for insurance purposes that this information is recorded and logged by an independent third party.

Sample Collection network

AlphaBiolab’s Drug & Alcohol testing utilises our dedicated fully-qualified sample-collectors.

They are available nationwide, on call around the clock any day of the year, so they can be at the scene of the incident and test all parties involved following such events.

They are fully trained to take samples for a number of Drug & Alcohol tests including breathalysers, oral fluid and urine testing. This means that with all of our testing they follow strict procedures that keep the chain of custody throughout the process.

Following these procedures means that the information and results will be kept 100% confidential at all times and that the testing will be accurately conducted with exactly who is intended to be tested.

AlphaBiolabs can also provide training for your own staff to take samples for Drug & Alcohol testing, to the highest standards. However, with post-incident testing, in particular, it is important that the testing remains as impartial as possible.

For more information please call 0333 600 1300, email or visit our sample collection page.

Why choose AlphaBiolabs for your workplace testing?

Here are just a few good reasons to choose AlphaBiolabs for your workplace testing:

  • We provide the fastest lab confirmations available – ‘same day’ results if required
  • Bespoke testing solutions to help your company achieve its goals
  • UKAS Accreditation
  • Queen’s Award winner for Enterprise in Innovation for rapid laboratory testing services
  • Operating for 12 years in the drug testing sector
  • Full Chain of Custody procedures
  • Expert sample collection service
  • Rapid sample screening on site with immediate results
  • Can test and confirm a wide range of drugs and their metabolites
  • Sample collection training available
  • Improve Health & Safety at work


Why wait for your laboratory confirmations?

We understand how important your Drug & Alcohol testing policy is to the employees, the business and all stakeholders involved. However, we also understand the disruption that can be caused if key personnel provide a non-negative sample. AlphaBiolabs is here to help.

That’s why we have developed a rapid testing service to provide laboratory confirmation results, the same day if required.

How to arrange Post Incident Drug & Alcohol Testing

Choosing the right service provider for your post-incident Drug & Alcohol testing needs can be an important decision to help determine what action to take following such an event and to prevent future incidents if drugs and alcohol are misused.

This testing can also be used to protect the innocent in cases where drugs and alcohol misuse may be suspected, possibly at the employee’s own request.

AlphaBiolabs provide a number of testing and policy management services for workplace testing, as well as post-incident Drug & Alcohol testing.

If you would like to arrange testing, a sample collector or if you have any questions regarding workplace testing services please call our friendly UK based customer service team on 0333 600 1300 who can guide you through the process.

Alternatively, please fill in the form below for a quote or for any other workplace testing enquiries.

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