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On Call – Dedicated Sample Collection Team

AlphaBiolab’s Drug & Alcohol testing utilises our dedicated fully-qualified sample-collectors that are available nationwide, on call around the clock any day of the year. They are fully trained to take samples for a number of Drug & Alcohol tests including breathalysers oral fluid and urine. This means that with all of our testing they follow strict procedures that keep the chain of custody throughout the process. Following these procedures means that the information and results will be kept 100% confidential at all times and that the testing will be accurately conducted with exactly who is intended to be tested.

Within your own Team – Sample Collection Training and Competency

AlphaBiolabs can provide sample collection from our own network of staff, but we can also provide training for your staff so they can take samples accurately and with procedures that keep the chain of custody during this process.

This will include training in the specimen collection process, such as the correct use of collection kits, documents, chain of custody forms and how to correctly submit samples to the laboratory for testing. They will be given guidance on dealing with someone who is suspected to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, particularly in terms of ensuring everyone’s safety, including their own. Furthermore, guidance will be given for each particular form of testing (such as random testing and for cause testing) and what to do when someone refuses or cannot provide a sample for a particular reason. These sessions will usually take around 3 hours to complete.

In order to keep the highest standard of Drug and Alcohol testing competency training can be provide as a refresher for people who are already trained in sample collection. This will ensure that your staff continues to follow the strict procedures required for workplace drug and alcohol testing and that the results are legally defensible. These sessions will usually be conducted annually and take around 1 hour to complete.

If you require a sample collector for Drug & Alcohol workplace testing, or training for sample collection of your own staff then please call our friendly customer service team on 0333 600 1300 or email

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