COVID-19 PCR test for the workplace

  • COVID-19 PCR test for only £125 plus VAT
  • NHS-standard UKAS ISO 17025 accredited test*
  • PCR nasopharyngeal or throat swab sample required
  • Ideal for regular testing of employees to reduce risk in the workplace
  • Receive results by email or text, within 1–2 days

NHS-approved COVID-19 PCR test for the workplace

Our workplace COVID-19 (Coronavirus) PCR Swab Test (also known as an antigen test) allows you to safely test your workforce for the presence of COVID-19.

Advantages of regular rt PCR testing for COVID-19 (Coronavirus) within the workplace:

  • Ensure employees are negative for COVID-19 and therefore safe to return to work
  • Identify and isolate any asymptomatic carriers that may be present in the workplace
  • Enhance confidence and assurance with regular testing for COVID-19 for your employees, customers and business partners
  • Reduce absenteeism due to self-isolation and increase productivity in the workplace
  • COVID-19 testing will support workplace risk assessments and enhance safety measures

The COVID-19 PCR test can be taken by the employee themselves or overseen by a company nurse or occupational health professional.

Your employee’s COVID-19 sample will be tested using the latest cutting-edge automated PCR extraction methods and specialist fully trained scientists will analyse your employees’ samples to obtain the results you need within 1–2 days, from receipt of the samples in the COVID-19 laboratory.

What are the steps involved in the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) PCR testing?

When you place your order with AlphaBiolabs our team will promptly send you a carefully packaged viral sample collection kit by tracked courier.

Once you receive the sample collection kits, carefully follow the enclosed instructions to ensure all nasal / throat samples are collected correctly using the sterile viral collection swab (which looks similar to an extra-long cotton wool bud). The sample collection is simple to carry out, but you may experience some discomfort when rubbing the swab.

Wrap your sample in the enclosed packaging and return using the pre-paid self-addressed envelope.

Keep your employees safe with a PCR test for the workplace

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I carry out the coronavirus PCR test?

We require a nasal/throat swab sample to perform the COVID-19 test. The kit includes full instructions. The instructions are simple to carry out, but you may experience some discomfort when rubbing the swab.

When is the best time to take the COVID-19 PCR test?

For the most accurate results, samples should be taken from a symptomatic individual between 1–5 days of symptom onset.

How long do symptoms take to appear after being exposed to the virus?

It is different for everyone; however, guidance suggests that it takes from 2–14 days for the infected person to experience symptoms.

What is the rt PCR test and how is it different to other forms of COVID-19 testing?

The rt PCR test looks for evidence that the COVID-19 virus is present, by detecting the presence of its RNA in a swab sample from your nose/throat. The rt PCR test detects the genetic material contained within the virus called RNA. When the sample reaches our laboratory, a process called real time polymerase chain reaction (rt PCR) is commenced. If there is viral RNA present, this process starts a ‘chain reaction’ and creates billions of copies of the genetic material contained within the virus so that there is a sufficient quantity of genetic material to be detected and analysed by scientists to enable a positive result to be obtained. In the event of no COVID-19 RNA being detected, we will report the sample as being negative.

An antibody test looks for evidence in a blood sample that your immune system may have responded to the COVID-19 virus already, through the presence of COVID-19 specific antibodies.

How accurate is the testing process and the test results?

An rt PCR test detects the presence of COVID-19-specific RNA within the nose or throat sample. The scientific analysis is 100% accurate and will confirm if the person being tested has an active COVID-19 infection irrespective of if they are displaying symptoms or not (asymptomatic).

Depending on the outcome of the analysis, the report will state if the virus is ‘detected’ or ‘not detected’.

Our partner laboratories are UKAS ISO 17025 accredited and only utilise accredited methodology and chemistry.

In relation to antibody testing, we can also provide highly sensitive and highly specific laboratory-based testing in addition to instant result COVID-19 immunoassay screening devices as part of your strategy to keep your workplace COVID-19 safe. Ask our specialist Customer Services team on 0333 600 1300 for more information.

How long will it take to receive my results?

Your employee’s results will be ready within 1–2 days after arriving at our award-winning laboratory. These results will be sent to you via email or text.

What should I do if my COVID-19 PCR test result is positive?

If you receive a positive result, you and your household must self-isolate and follow the latest Government guidance on self-isolation, which can be found here:

What should I do if my COVID-19 result is negative and I start to feel unwell?

If you develop the symptoms of a COVID-19 infection, you should follow Government guidance:

What if I’ve already had Coronavirus Disease?

If you have already contracted coronavirus, the rt PCR analysis may not return a positive result as we would be reporting if the COVID-19 virus is currently active and present. To establish a previous infection, you might consider undertaking an antibody test.

For more information about Coronavirus, visit the NHS website at:

*AlphaBiolabs’ partner laboratories are UKAS 17025 accredited

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COVID-19 PCR test for the workplace