COVID-19 and the Workplace

Keep your workplace safe and functioning

COVID-19 testing

Regular COVID-19 testing will play an increasingly important role in workplaces for the foreseeable future. AlphaBiolabs can help keep your workplace safe and operating effectively with our range of COVID-19 testing.

  • Reassure your workforce with regular COVID-19 screening
  • Identify positive cases before COVID-19 infection spreads through your team
  • Isolate asymptomatic carriers and remove them from the workplace to avoid future spread
  • Build up a profile of staff who have been infected and spot patterns of contamination
  • Take preventative action by identifying high-risk environments
  • Safely return employees with negative results back to work
  • Choose from instant on-site testing or laboratory analysis

AlphaBiolabs offers three types of COVID-19 testing

PCR Test

Identify an active infection
Nose and throat sample taken onsite
World-class laboratory testing
Results in 48 hrs

Rapid Antigen Test

Identify an active infection
Nose and throat sample taken onsite
No requirement for laboratory testing
Results in 15 minutes

Onsite Antibody Test

Identify a current / previous infection
Finger prick blood sample
No requirement for laboratory testing
Results in 15 minutes

PCR COVID-19 swab test detects virus early on

The gold standard in COVID-19 testing is the PCR swab test. It looks for the presence of viral RNA in the body, by examining a nose and throat swab sample. By detecting viral RNA, which will be present in the body before antibodies form or symptoms of the disease appear, the PCR swab test is an early detector of COVID-19 infection.

The sample is collected from the nasal and throat areas using a sterile viral collection swab (which looks like an extra-long cotton bud). When the samples are returned to AlphaBiolabs, they are tested using the latest, cutting-edge automated polymerase chain reaction (PCR) extraction methods. If there is viral RNA present, this process starts a ‘chain reaction’ and creates billions of copies of the genetic material contained within the virus. In the event of no COVID-19 RNA being detected, AlphaBiolabs will report the sample as being negative. Results are returned within 24 hours from receipt of the samples in our laboratory.

Further information on the COVID-19 PCR test can be read on our webpage.

Antigen Test detects an active infection with instant result

The rapid Antigen test works exactly like the PCR swab test, only it gives an instant result via a portable lateral flow, immunoassay device. The Antigen test can be self-administered and will determine whether a person has a current, active COVID-19 infection and should therefore be separated from the workplace and self-isolating.

The AlphaBiolabs Instant lateral flow COVID-19 Antigen Test can be carried out on-site and provides employers with vital information about the current COVID status of an employee, within 15 minutes.

To carry out the rapid Antigen test a swab sample is required to collect a nose and throat specimen which is then inserted into a small tube containing a buffer liquid. Two drops of the liquid are then added to a sample well on the immunoassay device. The device will then clearly display one of two possible results – positive or negative, within 15 minutes.

Where an employee tests positive for COVID-19 infection, the instant result will give employers the ability to make quick decisions to reduce the risk of further infection across their workforce.

Reassure your workforce with regular COVID-19 screening

Rapid antibody testing on site

The AlphaBiolabs IgM-IgG COVID-19 Antibody Test can identify the coronavirus infection from 21 days after exposure to the virus, or 7 days onwards after the onset of symptoms. Its reliability and accuracy have been deemed ‘fit for use’ during a recent NHS evaluation.

This portable, lateral flow, immunoassay instant screening device is ideal for on-site use. The CE-marked, single-use test analyses a finger-prick blood sample to detect a body’s immunological response to an active/current or recent/previous exposure to COVID-19. It does this by detecting both early and late marker antibodies. The test takes less than 15 minutes to perform and the results are instant. There is no need to send samples away for testing.

Further information on the COVID-19 screening test can be read on our coronavirus test kit webpage.

Easy sample collection options

The PCR COVID-19 Swab Test, the rapid lateral flow Antigen Test and the rapid IgM-IgG Antibody Test can be performed by the individual, a company nurse or an occupational health professional. Full instructions are included in the testing kits and our workplace testing team are on-hand for any assistance or queries (0333 600 1300).

Alternatively, the testing can be administered and overseen by an AlphaBiolabs sample collector. All our sample collectors are equipped with PPE including N95 facemasks and medical gloves.

AlphaBiolabs has been helping keep workplaces safe by conducting onsite and laboratory-based drug and alcohol testing since 2004. As well as instant on-site testing, our workplace services include implementing drug and alcohol testing policies, providing training in all aspects of testing and collection procedures, selling the testing equipment, and providing reassurance with same-day laboratory confirmatory results.

For further information on all COVID-19 testing services , please email or call us on 0333 600 1300.

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