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Find out why AlphaBiolabs is the UK’s leading DNA testing lab

AlphaBiolabs in the Media

Our DNA testing services have been mentioned in multiple national newspapers & major media outlets — including the BBC, the Daily Mail, The Times and many others.

Trusted by The Media

The client base for our accurate, accredited and rapid testing services is diverse and wide ranging. It includes members of the public, businesses, family and immigration law solicitors, social services, academic institutions and the media. We are trusted by TV channels including BBC One and ITV.

The Expert Authority

By continually innovating we stay at the forefront of the testing industry, winning awards, expanding into new markets and being the first to bring cutting edge technology to market. AlphaBiolabs is considered to be the expert authority when it comes to DNA, drug and alcohol testing. We are regularly contacted by the media for expert advice, quotes and help with news stories.

We were there first…

  • We were the first testing company to open a Walk in Centre. We now have 11 of these dedicated testing facilities across the UK.
  • We were the first to establish a network of trained sample collectors available to collect samples nationwide.
  • We were the first company in the legal sector to achieve accreditation in DNA and toxicology work. Our DNA testing is recognised by the Ministry of Justice.
  • We were the first laboratory to offer same day confirmations for positive urine tests for workplace testing, making us the fastest in the industry.
  • We were the first UK DNA testing company to enter the US market.
  • We were the first UK DNA testing company to launch a Toothbrush DNA test.
  • We were the first European company to perform non-invasive prenatal testing in-house.

Our Awards

DNA Testing Choice

Best DNA Test

Our Peace of Mind paternity test has been voted the best DNA test by DNA Testing Choices three times.

Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards

Best DNA Test

We were voted best for DNA, drug and alcohol testing in the UK by the Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards in 2016.

Queen’s Award for Innovation

Queen’s Award for Innovation

Our DNA testing service was recognised as being the fastest in the world, winning the Queen’s Award for Innovation in 2016.

Business Masters Award

Business Masters Award

AlphaBiolabs was the proud recipient of the 2020 Business Masters Award for Innovation.