Medical Assessments

  • Full range of medicals available, tailored to your requirements
  • Combined medicals with drug and alcohol testing to save you time and money
  • Medicals at your place of choosing as well as nationwide Walk in Centres
  • Able to schedule appointments quickly to meet urgent needs

Fit for work medical

A Fit for work health assessment is a medical performed to assess whether an employee can safely carry out a specific job or task. Our fully trained medical professionals assess an individual’s physical and mental capacities by undertaking several tests.

Personal Track Safety (PTS)

A PTS Certificate is required before anyone is allowed to work on or near the line within Network Rail in the UK. PTS medicals assess an individual’s ability to work safely in the track environment.

Safety critical medical

Safety critical medical assessments are in-depth medicals designed to ensure that anyone undertaking safety critical tasks is healthy and competent to perform their work.

Working at heights

This medical assessment is designed to ensure that anyone working at heights is fit to do safely and does not have a medical condition which could result in injury to themselves or others.

Confined space medical

Any employee who works in confined spaces must be medically assessed to ensure they are fit to work in such an area. This medical assessment is designed to ensure that the employee does not have a medical condition which could expose them to a higher degree of risk.


Medical assessments are performed to assess whether an employee can safely carry out a specific job or task tailored to your workplace sector.

31.2 million working days were lost due to work-related ill health and non-fatal workplace injuries in 2016/17

Workplace medicals

The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 states that under current legislation employers have a duty of care to prevent the ill health of their workers. It is important that workers are not suffering from medical conditions or undergoing any treatments that could cause a loss of consciousness or impairment issues (either mental or mobility-related). Not only could such issues compromise an individual’s ability to undertake their work, if in a safety-critical role, it could pose a significant risk to the health and safety of the individual themselves as well as co-workers and the general public.

To safeguard employees and the reputation of the business, regular medicals and drug and alcohol testing is recommended. AlphaBiolabs offers a range of medical assessments that can be tailored to specific workplace sectors and individual needs.

Medical assessments when you need them

AlphaBiolabs offers a complete package of medical assessment and drug and alcohol testing. Our nationwide network of medical professionals can visit a convenient location (whether work or home) to undertake workplace medical assessments and testing services for a variety of industries. We also offer unique Walk in Centres where in-house medical professionals can save you time and money by performing your medical assessment and testing services at the same time in dedicated facilities. All services are delivered to required industry standards, including RISQS (Rail Industry Suppliers Quality Scheme), and we are covered by the ISO 9001 (2015) quality management system.

Where applicable, AlphaBiolabs will upload results to the relevant industry portals, such as Sentinel.

Full range of medicals available, tailored to your requirements

Drug and alcohol testing

Regular drug and alcohol testing does not only increase productivity, decrease costs and maintain the reputation of a company, it also means that a business is operating lawfully to ensure the safety of employees and the general public. Drug and alcohol-related problems are responsible for millions of lost work days every year. They are also involved in up to 60% of all fatal work-related accidents. AlphaBiolabs offers an extensive range of professional, confidential and comprehensive workplace drug and alcohol testing services. Our UK-based laboratory has 15 years of experience in testing, producing legally defensible results that protect your business should an employee formally dispute them for any reason.

In addition:

  • We provide the fastest lab confirmations available: same day results if required
  • We can provide bespoke testing solutions to help your company achieve its goals
  • We won the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Innovation for our rapid laboratory testing services
  • Full chain of custody procedures ensure sample integrity
  • Medicals at a site of your choice as well as nationwide Walk in Centres
  • Dedicated testing facilities with the added flexibility of portable equipment for external locations
  • Rapid sample screening on-site with immediate results
  • Can test and confirm a wide range of drugs and their metabolites

Convenient testing methods to suit your needs

Our drug and alcohol testing services can be performed at the same time as the medical assessment to save both time and money. Our nationwide network of medical professionals can visit your workplace to undertake the combined package. Alternatively, employees can visit their nearest Walk in Centre. We also offer the option of rapid response sample collections, in the case of post-incident substance abuse testing.

Combined medicals with drug and alcohol testing to save you time and money

Alcohol testing

Our sample collectors will use a breathalyser (which is approved by the Home Office under the Road Traffic Act 1988, Transport & Works Act 1992 and Railways and Transport Safety Act 2003) to test for alcohol in the breath. The person being tested blows into the device, and the results are given as a digital readout. The readout is a number, known as the breath alcohol concentration (BAC), which shows the level of alcohol in the breath at the time the test was taken. It does not measure past use of alcohol. AlphaBiolabs has a number of devices for breath alcohol testing dependent on your individual needs.

Drug testing

A urine screening test is used to determine whether someone is misusing drugs by taking a sample of their urine and analysing it for particular substances. This form of testing can give an immediate negative result, which may mean that no further action is necessary. A non-negative result may require confirmation testing from the laboratory in order to determine exactly what substance was taken and in what quantities. Urine drug screening’s period of detection is approximately 4 days, although this can depend on the particular substance taken. If necessary, further testing services can be undertaken, such as hair strand tests, to establish a history of drug use. (Please note: In the case of Personal Track Safety medicals, all samples need to be sent back to the laboratory. On-site drug screening is not available.)

Combined assessments undertaken:

Drug and alcohol   BMI
Health questionnaire   Blood pressure
Snellen (eye)   Pulse
Peripheral vision   Oxygen saturation
Ishihara (colour blindness)   Mobility review
Audiometry (hearing test)   Musculoskeletal
Spirometry (lung function)   Mental health
Urinalysis   Chester step
Blood glucose   Grip strength
Height   Cholesterol

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