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A confined space is an area which is usually enclosed (though not always entirely) and is one where serious injury can occur from hazardous substances or conditions within the confined space or near to the space (e.g. lack of oxygen or drowning). Around 15 people each year are killed in the UK in confined spaces. These incidents occur across a wide range of industries, from those involving complicated machinery through to simple storage solutions.

Any employee who works in confined spaces must therefore be medically assessed to ensure they are fit to work in such an area. This medical assessment is designed to ensure that the employee does not have a medical condition which could expose them to a higher degree of risk (such as a heart condition, epilepsy, etc). It also provides reassurance that the role will be performed safely and will not cause harm to any co-workers or the general public.

Confined spaces can be below or above ground, and can be found in almost any workplace. Despite its name, a confined space is not necessarily small. Examples include manholes, pipelines, access shafts, chambers, silos, vats, hoppers, utility vaults, tanks, water supply towers, sewers, truck or rail tank cars, aircraft wings, boilers, pump stations, digesters, manure pits and storage bins. Ditches and trenches may also be a confined space when access or egress is limited.

Confined space assessments would be required by individuals who enter such confined spaces or those who assist with confined space operations.

See also Safety critical and Working at heights medical assessments.

60% of confined space deaths involve people trying to rescue those already trapped or injured

Confined space tests

Drug and alcohol Height
Snellen (eye) Weight
Peripheral vision BMI
Audiometry (hearing test) Blood pressure
Lung function Musculoskeletal
Urinalysis Mental health

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