We have a UK-wide network of sample collectors and unique ‘FREE to use’ Walk in Centres

Sample collection made easy

Another way to make great savings with your legal testing is with our free Walk in Centres. Our sample collection service is provided for free at our Walk in Centres and no appointment is required.

Your client can just pop in at a time that is convenient to them (subject to opening days and times). Using one of these centres could save you an average of £80 per instruction on your legal testing, or even more when combined with our Price Match Promise.

Our free sample collection centres are open in the following locations:

Please note, before you attend one of our Walk in Centres please call 0333 600 1300 to register your case.

Use one of our Walk in Centres and you could save up to £80 on your legal testing

How our sample collection service works

We offer a secure, rapid and convenient service by our experienced network of highly qualified sample collectors. On receipt of your instruction we will register the case and will promptly send you a formal quotation. We are then able to dispatch a qualified AlphaBiolabs sample collector to a designated location to collect the sample.

Our sample collectors provide a friendly and reliable service, which guarantees correct sample collection, whilst observing strict chain of custody procedures that safeguard the integrity of the sample

The sample collection process is as follows:

  1. Order your test online or call us and provide details of your client
  2. We will contact your client to arrange sample collection appointments
  3. One of our highly trained sample collectors will travel at a convenient time for your client, to an address of your choice, to collect the samples
  4. Our sample collector will collect the samples from your client, whilst conforming to the strict chain of custody procedures desired by a UK court of law
  5. Our sample collector will then deliver the samples back to our UK laboratory for the testing process to begin

The fastest collection: order your test and we will contact you the same day and collect samples within 48 hours

Confidentiality is key

Integrity and confidentiality are fundamental to our sample collection network. Our highly trained sample collectors maintain a strict chain of custody but show a degree of sensitivity while taking a sample from a client.

Local to you. We have a UK-wide collection network so we are your local testing laboratory.

Free UK sample collection

AlphaBiolabs has gone to great lengths to create a full UK network of qualified sample collectors who are able to take your client’s legally admissible DNA, drug and alcohol samples. Using one of our Walk in Centres could save you an average of £80 on your testing or even more when combined with our Price Match Promise.

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Fully qualified sample collectors

DNA immigration testing

AlphaBiolabs specialises in DNA immigration testing. We have worked with British Embassies and some of the largest specialist immigration solicitors for 15 years. Our DNA immigration tests are recognised and admissible to UK courts, the Ministry of Justice and UK Visas and Immigration.

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“A great service”
T Bradshaw – Immigration Solicitor

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Legal DNA testing

AlphaBiolabs has been working with members of the public, local authorities and solicitors for many years and we have built up a DNA testing process that is designed to save them money and to take the hassle out of legal DNA testing.

Our legal DNA test reports have been used as evidence of relationships at the Home Office and Civil Courts throughout the UK for 15 years.

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“Impressed at the speed of service”
Tony T

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Both male and female collectors available

Legal drug testing

We provide legal drug testing for councils/social workers, legal professionals, businesses and members of the public on a regular basis.

Our legal drug testing methods include the analysis of hair, urine, oral fluid and nail samples to determine drug consumption in an individual over a period of time. We continue to lead the way in terms of pricing and the science behind the testing.

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“Will use you again”
Wendy Maxshaw – Solicitor

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Legal alcohol testing

AlphaBiolabs offers the most comprehensive legal alcohol testing on the market today. Our alcohol testing methods include hair (head and body), blood tests (LFT, CDT, MCV and PEth), nail clippings, instant breath analysis and SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitoring®. We also offer a Comprehensive Alcohol Analysis Package, which combines head hair testing with blood tests and includes a Statement of Witness report and sample collection. This comprehensive package provides the best insight into an individual’s level of alcohol consumption.

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“The best DNA immigration service I have used”
David Thompson – Solicitor

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Very impressed

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Very impressed with the speed of the report turnaround. This is key in childcare cases that we deal with. Your Walk in Centres are an excellent way to guarantee minimal delay.

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Family Law Solicitor, Elliot Bridgman Solicitors

Exceptionally high quality

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I am very impressed with the exceptionally high quality, service and speed. I will be using your company in all future referrals. Great to have found this service.

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Excellent service

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Excellent service and all round very user friendly.

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Very quick

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Excellent turnaround times, very quick with the results.

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