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Uncle DNA testing

This type of DNA testing is also known as avuncular testing. It is usually needed when the alleged mother or father is deceased or unwilling to participate in a test and the alleged uncle of the child would like to establish their biological relationship for legal purposes.

Our award-winning laboratory has been performing DNA uncle tests for over 10 years. The process involves comparing an individual’s DNA profile with that of an alleged uncle.

An individual inherits half of their DNA from each biological parent, therefore our comparison can reveal whether the child has inherited DNA from the alleged uncle who is being tested.

To provide you with the most accurate result, we ask that the alleged uncle who has a claimed biological link to the child should be tested along with the child and their mother (or father, if the uncle is related to the child through the mother).

How we do our DNA testing

We ensure the reliability and accuracy of our genetic testing by using the most up-to-date DNA testing technology. We were the first UK laboratory to offer accredited 24 marker DNA testing and retest all our exclusion results.

We send your DNA uncle test kit direct to an address of your choice using discreet packaging.

Our test kit includes mouth swabs that are simply rubbed gently and painlessly on the inside of the cheek. There is no need for needles.

Uncle test support service

How to take a DNA uncle test

We recommend that you watch the video above where clinical psychologist Lisa Marsland talks about the issues that may arise from taking a DNA uncle test.
Learn how to take your DNA samples at home using one of our test kits from the comprehensive video above.

Why is our uncle testing different?


We understand that you want a DNA test to get an answer. However, we need to tell you that not all tests are conclusive and you may not get a definitive answer to your question.

It is the best kept secret within the industry that uncle testing can be up to 40% inconclusive (four people out of 10 will not get a result after paying for the test). At AlphaBiolabs, we have managed to reduce our inconclusive rate to 28%, so about one in four people will not get a decisive answer. This is obviously an improvement but is still not acceptable to us.

For this reason, we have introduced our guaranteed result or money back promise. Every customer using our service and not getting a result, will have the price of their test refunded, guaranteed.

Now you can find the answers you need with the UK’s most popular home DNA uncle test kit from AlphaBiolabs.

What’s in our DNA uncle testing kit?

  • Peace of Mind DNA test request/consent form
  • Full instructions on how to take the DNA uncle test and return the samples
  • A freepost self-addressed envelope to send your DNA test samples back to us
  • Three DNA sample collection swab packages containing two swabs in each package
  • Individual DNA test sample envelopes for two alleged uncles and one child

If you want to test more than three people with the same test, you can add extra people to the package when ordering and more swabs will also be provided in the test kit.

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