Discover how to effectively monitor alcohol consumption

Webinar recording from 15th November 2022

Watch the video below:

In this webinar, Andrew Priestley (Legal Sector Marketing Manager) and Ashley Hodgkinson (Sample Collections Manager) explain how you can effectively monitor your client’s alcohol consumption with a choice of two types of electronic alcohol monitoring device, SCRAM CAM® and SmartMobile™.

AlphaBiolabs offers a comprehensive suite of alcohol testing services for the legal sector. Find out more here.

FAQs from this webinar

How quickly does alcohol intake show up on the ankle bracelet readings with SCRAM?

This can vary from person to person but as the readings are taken every 30 minutes, you are assured that any confirmed drinking activity will be identified and reported.

Why can’t drinking events be reported immediately?

For both solutions, once our team have identified a drinking event, we conduct some comprehensive checks on the results to confirm that it is a drinking event. We aim to report this to you as soon as possible and certainly within 24 hours of our team identifying the event.

Will mouthwash affect the results in any way?

No, it won’t for SCRAM but it will provide a positive result for SmartMobile if mouth wash is used before providing a breath sample.

Can you provide the pricing for each solution?

Both solutions start from £595 + VAT for the first 30 days. For a longer agreement, we charge £300 for each additional month up to 90 days in total duration. Agreements above 90 days will be quoted based on your requirements.

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