Discover what’s new in alcohol monitoring technology

Webinar recording from 23rd November 2021

Watch the video below:

In this webinar, Andrew Priestley (Legal Sector Marketing Manager) and Ashley Hodgkinson (Sample Collections Manager) discuss the latest developments in alcohol monitoring technology – including the SCRAM CAM® ankle bracelet.

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FAQs from this webinar

How much is SCRAM?

Prices for SCRAM start at £575+VAT dependent upon the number of days you require monitoring. For a bespoke quotation please contact our Legal Team on 0333 1300 600 or email

Can the SCRAM be fitted away from the client’s address?

Yes, we can fit a SCRAM bracelet at a solicitor’s office, contact centre or at one of our walk-in centres across the UK.

Does the client need to have internet access to use SCRAM?

No, internet access is not required for a bracelet to be fitted, as they work in the same way as a mobile with 3G coverage. In areas where mobile phone signal is poor, we may need to look at alternative fitting locations. All readings are stored within the bracelet, so a lack of signal would not affect the number of readings or the accuracy.

If the client is in a rehabilitation centre, could you visit them there to fit the bracelet upon release?

Yes, we can visit rehabilitation centres if this suits your donor best.

Are the bracelet readings affected by washing the ankle e.g. when having a shower or going swimming?

You are unable to completely submerge the bracelet in water. Showering is fine and will not affect readings, but you would not be able to swim with the bracelet on.

Can you have a bath or swim with SCRAM fitted?

No, you cannot swim whilst wearing a SCRAM bracelet (see above).

Would SmartMobile be usable in proceedings with legal aid?

Yes, SmartMobile is approved for legal aid.

If the SCRAM bracelet works by measuring sweat, then if you do physical activity (go for a run, go to the gym etc.) how does that affect the reading?

The readings would not be affected by physical activity even with an increase in perspiration.

Can you buy the SmartMobile?

Due to needing access to the portal, we would advise that you rent the SmartMobile rather than purchasing to have access to the reports.

What happens if two people in the same household need to use SCRAM?

This is fine as the SCRAM bracelets will not interfere with each other when both parents need to be monitored.