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Workplace Testing – The Law

Do you have any legal questions about workplace drug and alcohol testing?

Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing – FAQs

Got any questions about Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing? Here is our comprehensive guide.

Can you refuse a drugs test?

Six reasons why you can refuse a drug test at work; and why they won’t work.

Tackling workplace toxicity

Tackling toxicity at work with workplace testing

What is the difference between a urine drug test and an oral fluid (saliva) drug test?

What each test involves, how samples are collected, and what the results of each test can tell us about a person’s drug use.

Narrow and wide-window drug testing in the workplace

Why there’s a place for both narrow- and wide-window drug testing in the workplace

The importance of policy review & awareness training

What effective awareness training should cover, and what information should be included in a company’s substance misuse policy.

Oral fluid drug testing FAQs

What you need to know about oral fluid drug testing

Steroid facts

In this article, we take a closer look at steroids, what they are, how they are used, the side effects of steroid use and more.

How do you prove abstinence from drugs?

We take a closer look at drug abstinence, what it is, and how you can prove abstinence from drugs.

What are the drug classifications in the UK?

The different drug classifications in the UK, which drugs belong to which classification, penalties for possession or supply, and where you can get a drug test.