Legal DNA Testing – which test is best for my client?

Webinar recording from 17th March 2022

Watch the video below:

In this webinar, Andrew Priestley (Legal Sector Marketing Manager) and Ashley Hodgkinson (Sample Collections Manager) discuss the most common types of DNA tests for legal purposes along with how to interpret the results, plus an overview of alternative methods for DNA relationship testing.

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FAQs from this webinar

Have you ever come across chimerism resulting in negative paternity/maternity tests when they are actually the parent? I understand it is very rare, but it’s really interesting!

This is a very interesting question, but the answer would be no. As it is extremely rare, chimerism isn’t something we have come across to date.

For proof of parentage (inheritance dispute testing), would you recommend avuncular testing against the alleged child, or a sample from the deceased tested against the alleged child?

If you are looking to establish the paternity of the child and the alleged father is the deceased, then the best option would be to conduct a paternity test with an available sample from the deceased. If this is not possible, then we could look to test an aunt or uncle if grandparents were not available.