The latest developments and challenges in DNA testing

Webinar recording from 21st September 2022

Watch the video below:

In this webinar, Andrew Priestley (Legal Sector Marketing Manager) and Casey Randall (Head of DNA and COVID Testing) discuss the latest developments and challenges in the world of DNA testing – including complex relationship testing, prenatal paternity testing, Y chromosome testing, and viability testing with alternative samples.

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FAQs from this webinar

Does it cost more to request a Statement of Witness Report? Is it possible to request both reports?

The Statement of Witness Report is offered as an additional charge but the Standard Report is included as part of the testing fee. As the Statement of Witness Report includes everything in the Standard Report, you would not require both reports.

Why are toe nails preferable to finger nails?

There is an increased risk of contamination in fingernail samples as they are more likely to come into contact with other sources of DNA e.g. by touching other people. Contaminated profiles cannot be used for analysis. The risk of contamination is very low so we are happy to accept either toe or finger nail clippings.

Since when has a signed photograph been required from the sample donor?

In order to ensure chain of custody for court approved testing, our trained sample collectors will take a photograph of the sample donor they have collected the sample from and a photograph of their identification document e.g. their passport. These documents will be included in the Statement of Witness Report.

How reliable is testing via toothbrushes samples?

Testing from toothbrushes has a lower success rate than buccal swab samples but there are some circumstances when only toothbrushes are available. The most successful toothbrushes will have been used regularly for weeks or months (rather than a new toothbrush) with a recent last use (within 1 month). Toothbrushes need to be stored dry in a paper envelope.