AlphaBiolabs, Oman

Operational in 100+ countries throughout the world, AlphaBiolabs is a global leader in DNA, drug & alcohol, and Covid-19 analytical testing services.

Established in 2004, we are now operating nationwide throughout Oman, offering a fully accredited, highly accurate and affordable range of services.

DNA Testing in Oman

Throughout Oman, AlphaBiolabs provides certified legal and non-legal DNA testing options to identify biological relationships including paternity, maternity, siblings, grandparents, Y chromosome, twins, and prenatal paternity testing.

DNA testing options include:

Paternity DNA Test

Maternity DNA Test

Prenatal Paternity Test

Sibling DNA Test

Aunt DNA Test

Uncle DNA Test

Grandparent DNA Test

Immigration DNA Test

Legal DNA Test

Y Chromosome DNA Test

Twin DNA Test

Nail DNA Test

Toothbrush DNA Test

Genetic Profile DNA Test

Drug Testing in Oman

AlphaBiolabs offers a comprehensive range of drug testing services for both individuals and organizations.

Fully accredited, our range of drug tests can be tailored to your particular requirements and include hair, oral fluid, urine and nail sample options.

Hair Drug Testing

Oral Fluid Drug Testing

Urine Drug Testing

Nail Drug Testing

Home Drug Testing Kit

Alcohol Testing in Oman

AlphaBiolabs also offers a range of alcohol testing services designed for members of the public, the legal profession and businesses.

Fully accredited, our range of alcohol tests can be tailored to your particular requirements and include hair, blood, breath and nail sample options.

Hair Alcohol Testing

Blood Alcohol Testing

Breath Alcohol Testing

Nail Alcohol Testing

COVID-19 Testing in Oman

In response to the global pandemic, AlphaBiolabs opened new laboratory facilities that focus exclusively on Covid-19 testing.

Tests available range from the ‘gold standard’ back-to-laboratory PCR test, to rapid lateral flow antigen and antibody tests, where results are available within 15 minutes.

PCR Test

Rapid Antigen Test

Rapid Antibody Test


AlphaBiolabs provides all of the above services across Oman, including the following cities:

Adam As Sib Al Ashkharah Al Buraimi Al Hamra Al Jazer Al Madina A’Zarqa
Al Suwaiq Bahla Barka Bidbid Bidiya Duqm Haima
Ibra Ibri Izki Jabrin Jalan Bani Bu Hassan Khasab Mahooth
Manah Masirah Matrah Mudhaybi Mudhaireb Muscat Nizwa
Quriyat Raysut Rustaq Ruwi Saham Shinas Saiq
Salalah Samail Sohar Sur Tan`am Thumrait

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