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Articles about Legal Alcohol Testing

Alcohol Testing Explained

AlphaBiolabs offers the most comprehensive legal alcohol testing on the market today.

Blood vs. Hair Alcohol Testing

Alcohol markers can be detected in a person’s hair or blood sample. This page discusses the pros and cons of blood vs. hair alcohol testing.

EtG: Nail vs. Body Hair

Alcohol and its metabolites can be detrcted in the keratin that makes up nails and hair.

Hair vs. Nails Alcohol Testing

AlphaBiolabs offers a range of testing services for alcohol detection. They all have pros and cons.

PEth vs. EtG Testing

AlphaBiolabs undertakes blood testing to measure PEth, and hair testing and nail clipping analysis to measure EtG.

PEth vs. Other Tests

AlphaBiolabs offers a full alcohol testing service ranging from breath tests, blood analysis and hair analyses.


An accurate way of pinpointing exactly how much alcohol has been ingested and when is now possible with SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitoring®.

SmartMobile Portable Alcohol Monitoring Explained

SmartMobile is a discreet and portable breath alcohol testing device, which allows for instant, on-demand monitoring and drinking event notifications.

SmartMobile FAQs

Frequently asked questions about SmartMobile Portable Alcohol Monitoring.

SmartMobile v SCRAM®

Here we provide a simple summary of both systems to help you determine the most suitable approach for any given case.

Sample Collection

AlphaBiolabs has been instructed to obtain a sample from you for either DNA, drug and/or alcohol testing. This info sheet will guide you through the process.