Blood Alcohol testing – which method is best for my clients?

Webinar recording from 25th January 2022

Watch the video below:

In this webinar, Andrew Priestley (Legal Sector Marketing Manager) and Ashley Hodgkinson (Sample Collections Manager) discuss the four different types of blood alcohol testing offered at AlphaBiolabs, along with the benefits & limitations of each testing method.

AlphaBiolabs offers a comprehensive suite of alcohol and drug testing services for the legal sector. Find out more about our legal testing services here.

FAQs from this webinar

Do you recommend using a combination of blood tests, rather than just using PEth? If so, what is the benefit of using multiple tests together?

Yes, we would always recommend that you have as much knowledge about a client’s usage as possible. However if you only want to choose one type of test, then PEth would be the best option to go for.

Is PEth testing limited to 4 weeks as well?

Yes, all blood testing covers a 4 week period.

If a PEth test result comes back at 30 ng/ml and the client maintains that they have consumed no alcohol, is it possible that any other factor has caused this result?

No. PEth is a direct marker for alcohol which means that it can only be detected when alcohol has been consumed. If your client did have any questions about their results, you can of course contact us for further information

Does the comprehensive testing package just include the three types of blood testing previously offered or does it include the PEth testing as well as the three previously offered?

With our comprehensive alcohol package, you can choose from either a 3 month or 6 month overview using a head hair sample plus CDT, LFT, MCV blood tests and / or a PEth blood test. The package also includes a sample collection and a Statement of Witness report.

Could you confirm if you will be making your slides available? The table at the end and the brief description of each of the tests is very helpful.

Yes, as per the webinar recording. If you would like a copy of the actual slides as a PDF, please request via e-mail to

Why bother with the other tests when PEth seems to give all the information that is needed? What do the other tests add?

We always recommend that you have as much knowledge about a clients usage as possible as each result can back up the other results. This can be achieved best by taking all 4 blood tests plus head hair testing.

If my client is a binge drinker, is a SCRAM bracelet the better option?

This will depend on your requirement. For historic alcohol consumption then PEth would be the better option however if you are looking at monitoring ongoing consumption, then SCRAM or SmartMobile are the best choices. Please watch the November 2021 webinar on this subject.

What are the costs for 3 separate PEth tests compared to the costs for SCRAM testing in the same period?

3 separate PEth tests would cover approx. a 3-month period and would normally cost £95 per test. However, with the 20% discount until 28 February, the price is £76 per test. Each test would also incur a sample collection fee of £95 and it would be an extra £120 per test for a Statement of Witness report. So total cost would normally be £930. SCRAM for a 3-month period costs £1195. All prices are exclusive of VAT.

What would be the benefits of a PEth test if so specific, compared to a Hair Strand Test?

Hair strand testing reviews historic consumption of up to 6 months usage, whilst PEth covers the previous 4 weeks.

When you have completed the client questionnaire, would you recommend a more compatible test, if the instructing solicitors have ordered the incorrect one?

Not generally, especially if it is Court ordered. However, if a client was unsure as to which test would be most appropriate, then our team can make a recommendation.

Can PEth testing isolate individual weeks of alcohol consumption?

The test cannot be specific about when consumption took place, however unlike the other blood tests, if the level is positive but below excessive you would still see that drinking had taken place.

Could alcohol containing products affect the PEth result?

No, as PEth is a direct biomarker for alcohol and it is a blood test, the results would not be affected by these products including perfumes/deodrants

Do you have a test for diazepam and if so what is that and what does it cost?

We can identify diazepam usage through our drug testing service using samples of head hair, body hair or nails. With a sample of head hair, we can provide a month-by-month view of usage up to 12 months depending on the length of the hair sample. Where head hair is not available, a body hair or toenail sample can provide a 12-month overview and a finger nail sample provides a 6 month overview. Test prices starts from £65 for 1 month overview. You can use our quote form to request a quotation based on your actual requirements.

How does nail testing compare to PEth?

Unlike PEth, nail testing only measures abstinence from alcohol consumption over a 6 or 12 month period. A toe nail sample provides a 12-month overview and a finger nail sample provides the 6-month overview.