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Articles about Legal DNA Testing

Court Ordered Paternity Testing

Find information and FAQs about court ordered paternity testing here.

DNA Paternity Testing Law

What are the laws surrounding DNA paternity testing? Find out everything you need to know here.

Can a mother refuse a paternity test?

A mother may refuse a paternity DNA test. Learn all about the reasons why here.

How much is a DNA test?

How much does a DNA test cost? Find all the information you need here.

DNA testing after fertility treatments

With increasing numbers of babies being born as a result of fertility treatment, DNA testing can give you peace of mind over the biological identity of your child.

DNA Science

Learn about the scientific techniques we use at AlphaBiolabs

How do I change a father’s name on a birth certificate?

Do you need to change a name on a birth certificate? Learn more here.

DNA Testing FAQs

Frequently asked questions and answers about our DNA tests

Should I take a DNA Test?

Have you thought about the implications of taking a DNA test? Learn more here.

Solicitors Legal DNA Testing FAQs

Are you a solicitor with questions about our legal testing services? Get your answers here.

Why is consent needed?

Why is consent needed from all parties when DNA testing?

What does parental responsibility for DNA testing mean?

What is parental responsibility? Learn more here.

Peace of mind vs. legal DNA testing

What is the difference between a peace of mind and a legal DNA test? Find out here

Home Office DNA Testing Explained

Home Office approved DNA testing can be used for immigration cases

Complex relationship DNA testing for court

The types of tests available, when these tests are useful for legal matters, and what you can find out from a DNA relationship test.

Sample Collection

AlphaBiolabs has been instructed to obtain a sample from you for either DNA, drug and/or alcohol testing. This info sheet will guide you through the process.

When is DNA testing useful for immigration?

What you need to know about legally instructed DNA testing for immigration, visa, and passport applications.

DNA viability testing for court

We take a closer look at DNA viability testing for court, how viability testing is performed, and when a viability test can be useful for legal matters.

Prenatal paternity testing for court

We discuss prenatal paternity testing for legal matters including how the test works, how soon the test can be performed, and when the test is useful for legal matters.