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Articles about Legal Drug Testing

Hair Drug Testing Explained

This long-established drug testing method is routinely used in family law.

Hair vs. Nail Drug Testing

AlphaBiolabs offers a range of testing services for drug detection.

Nail Drug Testing Explained

Nail analysis can provide detailed information about drug consumption and is a highly stable, simple-to-collect and easy-to-transport sample.

Overview vs. Segmented Hair Analysis

There are two types of hair drug tests available: overview or segmented analysis.

Uppers and Downers

Would you be able to spot whether your client or colleague was under the influence of drugs?

Drug Screen Plus

Within our Drug Screen Plus service, we perform additional analysis on the submitted sample to identify all drugs that are present.

Sample Collection

AlphaBiolabs has been instructed to obtain a sample from you for either DNA, drug and/or alcohol testing. This info sheet will guide you through the process.