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Hair drug testing vs hair alcohol testing

We look at hair drug testing versus hair alcohol testing, the benefits of each test, and what the results can tell us about a person’s drug or alcohol use.

Hair vs. Nail Drug Testing

AlphaBiolabs offers a range of testing services for drug detection.

Nail Drug Testing Explained

Nail analysis can provide detailed information about drug consumption and is a highly stable, simple-to-collect and easy-to-transport sample.

Overview vs. Segmented Hair Analysis

There are two types of hair drug tests available: overview or segmented analysis.

Uppers and Downers

Would you be able to spot whether your client or colleague was under the influence of drugs?

What does a drug test report look like?

We look at the different types of court-approved drug test, how drug test results are reported, and what can (and can’t) be learnt from a drug test report.

Sample Collection

AlphaBiolabs has been instructed to obtain a sample from you for either DNA, drug and/or alcohol testing. This info sheet will guide you through the process.

Drug testing methods and cheating

In this article, we look at the options available for court-approved drug testing, and the ways people try to cheat drug tests.

Hair drug testing for court

How does hair drug testing work, what is the difference between head hair and body hair testing, and how do people try to cheat hair drug tests?

Drug Screen Plus

Within our Drug Screen Plus service, we perform additional analysis on the submitted sample to identify all drugs that are present.

Drug testing for cannabis

In this article, we discuss cannabis drug testing, and how cannabis can be detected by different drug testing methods.

Steroid facts

In this article, we take a closer look at steroids, what they are, how they are used, the side effects of steroid use and more.

How do you prove abstinence from drugs?

We take a closer look at drug abstinence, what it is, and how you can prove abstinence from drugs.

Can body hair be used for drug testing?

In this article, we look at body hair versus head hair drug tests and highlight the differences between the two.

What affects a hair drug test result?

We explore hair drug testing, how it works, and whether there are external factors that could affect the hair drug test result.

How accurate are hair follicle drug tests?

We look at hair follicle testing in more detail, including how it works and answer the age-old question, ‘How accurate are hair follicle drug tests?’

Hair vs. oral fluid/saliva drug test

We explore hair versus saliva drug testing, the benefits of each and what the results can determine about an individual’s pattern of drug use.

The advantages of narrow-window and wide-window drug testing for legal matters

What are the advantages and disadvantages of different drug testing methods?

The differences between urine and oral fluid (saliva) drug testing

We explore urine versus oral fluid (saliva) drug testing, the benefits of each type of test, and what the results can determine.

Oral fluid drug testing FAQs

Frequently asked questions regarding oral fluid drug testing for legal matters.

How far back can a hair drug test show?

Hair drug testing is one of the most effective ways to determine someone’s drug use pattern. Learn more about how it works and how far back you can test.

How much hair is needed for a drug test?

How does hair drug testing work? How much hair is needed for a test? Can body hair be used for a drug test? Read our expert article to find out more.

Hair Drug Testing FAQs

AlphaBiolabs offers hair drug testing services for members of the public, the legal profession, social workers and employers. Here you will find some frequently asked questions about hair drug testing.

How much does a hair drug test cost?

Learn more about the cost of a hair drug test and how to get a quote.