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By Casey Randall, Head of Genetics at AlphaBiolabs
Last reviewed: 11/09/2023

We are often asked whether it is possible to get a paternity test on the NHS. Here is what you need to know about where you can get a paternity test.

Can you get paternity testing on the NHS?

The simple answer is no, you cannot get a paternity test for free from the NHS, even if your doctor recommends you take one.

Paternity testing is a very sensitive issue so if you are considering taking a test, it is important to think carefully about the issues involved. For example:

  • Is the test in the child’s best interest?
  • How might the results impact on family relationships?
  • What will you do if you do not get the answer that you are looking for?

If the result is unexpected or not the result that you want, it can affect everyone involved for the rest of their lives, especially the child.

I can’t get a paternity test on the NHS. What should I do?

While you cannot receive paternity testing on the NHS, as costs come down, companies like AlphaBiolabs are making paternity testing more accessible for members of the public.

If you are considering buying a paternity test, it is a really good idea to discuss it with your GP in the first instance before moving forward.

You may want to arrange some counselling, as this can help you consider all the implications of taking a paternity test and what this might mean for you, the child, and your family.

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Where can I go for a paternity test?

If you do decide to take a paternity test, your GP will advise that paternity tests are NOT available on the NHS.

The cost of a paternity test varies, depending on the testing provider and the type of paternity test you choose to take.

AlphaBiolabs offers the fastest peace of mind paternity test in the UK for just £99 for next-day results or an additional £70 for results the same day. You can also choose to have your samples collected free of charge at one of our nationwide walk-in centres.

If you require a paternity test for legal reasons, such as dealings with the Child Maintenance Service (formerly CSA), to change the name on a birth certificate, or for child custody matters, you will need a legal DNA test.

AlphaBiolabs works with family law professionals and local authorities across the UK, providing court-approved legal DNA testing services.

If you proceed with a legal DNA test, you can ask your local GP or health clinic to collect the DNA paternity test samples for you. We can arrange for the kit to be sent to any registered health practice, but the GP or health clinic will usually charge you for this service.

Alternatively, you can choose to have your legal samples collected free of charge at one of our walk-in centres.

How can I purchase a paternity test?

You can order a peace of mind paternity test online now here.

You can also order a legal DNA test if required.

For more information, you can also call our friendly and knowledgeable Customer Services team on 0333 600 1300 or email and they will be able to advise on the best test for you.

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Casey Randall, AlphaBiolabs

Casey Randall

Head of Genetics at AlphaBiolabs

Casey joined the AlphaBiolabs team in 2012 and heads up both the DNA and Covid-19 testing teams.

An expert in DNA analysis and a member of the International Society for Forensic Genetics (ISFG), Casey holds an MSc with Distinction in DNA Profiling and a First-Class BSc with Honours in Forensic Science.

Casey is responsible for maintaining the highest quality testing standards, as well as looking for ways to further enhance the service that AlphaBiolabs provides and exploring new and innovative techniques in DNA analysis.

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